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Nan’s Day Out: to Sineu and Petra - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

To drive to the very middle of the island was my mission of the day which was not a mid week experience:1640034537592,. A Wednesday visit to Sineu is commonplace as it has a great weekly market. The only market on the island which still continues to sell livestocks rolling file.

Sineu stands proudly in the centre knowing that in days gone by it was very important and laws were made here. A fine church and many houses resembling mini palaces were built and the richness of farming in all its aspects is celebrated in this town. These days it is a very smart place to live and the town spreads out with plenty of new build apartments and cafes and restaurants.

Its position in the heart of the island means that it is a favoured point for hordes of cyclists making their way from one side of the island to the otherThe vaccine in Toronto and Peel Region.. It is also part of the commuter land of Majorca with its hourly train service to Palma taking just 45 minutes.

Once the market is over on Wednesdays and the sweep up is done then Sineu settle to being a sleepy, affluent town. Proud traditions and fine dining are to be found here. For incomers it is a place to replace the numbers of the young of Sineu who have left for the coast or the Peninsular.

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