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Thinking on the reform of grain storage, transportation and packaging

grain is the need of all people and the treasure of the country. No matter what degree of social and economic development and progress, and how developed social science and technology are, it is hard to imagine that human beings have left grain

the packaging of grain and its products is a very thoughtful problem in the links of grain production and circulation and the daily life of the people. In China, with the gradual establishment of the socialist market economic system, the pattern of grain packaging of hemp and cotton products in the past has been broken, and the variety of packaging has made a great breakthrough, but it is still far from catching up with the level of developed countries. The first opinion in the "opinions on strengthening the national packaging improvement work" recently forwarded by the national packaging improvement office by the State Economic and Trade Commission is to "pay close attention to the packaging improvement of key commodities and take solving practical problems as the improvement standard." At the same time, the opinions put forward eight key product packages that need to be improved, including agricultural and sideline products and flour

it is time for the reform of grain packaging. In particular, the signing of the agreement between China and the United States on China's accession to the WTO has greatly accelerated the pace of China's accession to the WTO. If the grain packaging is not improved and there is no new breakthrough, it will be difficult to compete with the strong players in the world market. Therefore, we call for the reform of grain packaging urgently

I. current situation and main contradiction of grain packaging before the grain operation and price liberalization in 1993, hemp was mostly used as an expert bag in the petrochemical field for raw grain, rice and oil, white cotton cloth bags or cotton fiber blended cloth bags were mostly used for flour, and iron barrels were used for oil. At that time, the grain was mainly in the hands of state-owned grain enterprises, and the state had strict standards for grain packaging. The competent grain authorities also formulated corresponding measures for the management of grain packaging, which was well implemented throughout the planned economy era. With the gradual establishment of the socialist market economic system, the state not only requires the grain sector to accelerate its own reform, but also reforms the grain circulation system from a macro perspective. In this process, the dominance of cotton and gunny bags in the grain packaging market has been broken. Objectively, due to the large one-time investment in gunny bags and cloth bags, and the unscientific pricing method in the past management methods, There are many disputes in the process of grain trading, but the lack of matching policies and measures before and after the reform and the formation of a management vacuum is also an important reason; As the main body of the market, grain production and operators' profit seeking behavior has played a role in fuelling the flames. At the same time, in the past year, grain sales packaging has made great progress in small packaging, fine packaging and high-tech packaging technology, bringing convenience to consumers

at present, the contradictions existing in grain packaging mainly include the following aspects:

1. the organizational leadership is weak, and the packaging reform lacks joint power

under the planned economic system, the national grain competent department was responsible for the reform of grain packaging and the management of equipment. At that time, there was a set of strict management measures and all links within the system. All industries can conscientiously implement it, and the overall linkage effect is good. With the continuous reform and opening up, the administrative departments in charge of grain have no financial power. Secondly, they are busy with the coordination and handling of various contradictions in the reform. Their energy is also more focused on operation, management and guidance. They have failed to properly handle the relationship between packaging improvement and the reform and operation of grain enterprises. As a result, the development of grain packaging has been left to the market, and they have failed to become more economical and reasonable, protect the ecological environment, adopt high and new technologies, and keep up with the world trend In order to meet the needs of the market, it can be said that there are still many problems in the packaging of raw grain, oil and most of the finished grain. There is only a slight improvement in small package retail, but there is still a considerable gap from the requirements of non-toxic, safe, hygienic, economic and effective

2. There are no standardized development goals and feasible plans to achieve them

in the past 20 years, many people of insight have paid close attention to the reform of grain packaging and shouted loudly. However, due to the lack of effective organization and leadership, it is impossible to make a set of scientific development plans by combining the Chinese and western, protecting the ecology and adapting to the market. Of course, it is impossible to formulate a specific step-by-step action plan. Some large grain enterprises (groups) have grasped the pulse of the market, seen the direction of development, and made useful attempts. However, due to the consideration of competitive costs, they are greatly restricted, and are unable to cooperate with strong and weak, so it is difficult to form a climate

3. less investment in science and technology and capital

at present, a large part of farmers have not been able to leave the packaging, from producing grain by farmers to entering the circulation field and finally entering thousands of households, even crossing the ocean. However, the reform of grain packaging does not involve grain operators (including those in the purchase, storage, processing, transportation and sales links), but also is related to the attention of the government, production and consumers, especially the need for a number of new packaging production enterprises. Over the years, we owe a large sum of money for the scientific and technological investment and capital investment in packaging reform, which is also an important reason why our grain and oil packaging situation has not been fundamentally improved

4. grain managers lack the subject consciousness in the reform of grain packaging

it is true that the grain packaging reform is related to the government's macro policies, grain producers and consumers' expectations, but objectively speaking, the main body should also be a large number of grain operators. At this stage, the state-owned grain enterprises still play the role of the main channel, and the state-owned grain sector is duty bound. 5. grain packaging lacks strict and feasible national standards

II. The only way for grain packaging reform

in view of the above problems, combined with the development trend of grain packaging in the world market and the requirements of social and economic development, especially after China's entry into WTO, it is facing unprecedented fierce international competition. We believe that China's grain packaging reform is inevitable and imminent

1. recognize the situation, unify ideas and strengthen leadership

the reform of grain packaging should be included in the important work agenda of grain production at all levels and the planned construction of 10000 tons of battery grade lithium carbonate management departments. Leaders at all levels should pay attention to the improvement of grain packaging, especially in the face of China's entry into the WTO, correctly understand the historical necessity and urgency of reforming grain packaging from the perspective of improving the adaptability of grain products to the needs of world market competition, and strengthen leadership. To formulate practical improvement objectives and step-by-step implementation opinions, relevant state departments need to formulate corresponding improvement standards and reward and punishment measures from the perspective of legislation to promote the reform of grain packaging

2. develop green packaging and formulate strict technical standards

the international requirements for green packaging of grain and food are quite strict. The promulgation and implementation of the ISO14000 international environmental management standard has further promoted governments to strengthen the management activities of environmental reform. Many countries have made green packaging a law, and relevant international organizations have also put forward the slogan of "using green packaging to protect the ecological environment". China's cross century green packaging project plan implemented during the ninth five year plan laid a foundation for the development of green packaging. The urgent task is to further publicize widely, not only to the enterprises, but also to stimulate the environmental awareness of the whole society. Only when more consumers consciously accept green packaging, can enterprises really develop green packaging. The State shall, as soon as possible, formulate technical standards for green packaging of various grains and foods to regulate the packaging of grains and foods by grain producers and operators. There have been many researches in this field in China. First, we should speed up the application of degradable packaging materials, and then further develop edible packaging materials. For the production and operation enterprises whose technical conditions can not meet this requirement in a short time, they must restrict the use of packaging materials that are difficult to degrade or toxic, force them to use recyclable plant materials with no toxic side effects, and make innovations in the manufacturing technology of packaging materials

3. strengthen the main body consciousness of enterprise managers and increase the investment in science, technology and capital for packaging reform

through the formulation of laws and regulations, we should strengthen the main consciousness of grain production and management enterprises in reforming grain packaging. At the same time, the state should give necessary investment to the reform of grain packaging in terms of technology and capital, so as to ensure the effective implementation of the reform of grain packaging. As the main body of grain packaging reform, while improving grain packaging, we should also pay attention to a major issue, that is, the relationship between grain packaging and resource protection. We must not pursue excessive packaging and waste limited resources

4. In line with international standards, it is developing towards non packaging

from the perspective of reducing logistics, saving resources and increasing benefits, non packaging will be the ultimate development direction for the improvement of grain and food packaging in the future. In this regard, China's grain workers have also made more in-depth exploration and achieved gratifying results. However, a series of specific operations of grain from production to circulation are still far from meeting the requirements of no packaging in China. Bulk, bulk transportation and bulk storage require considerable capital and technical input. Grain producers and operators with strategic vision should face up to the reform of grain packaging from the perspective of non packaging, and take non packaging as the ultimate goal of the reform and development of grain storage and transportation packaging. The technology of grain bulk, bulk transportation and bulk storage should be mature, popularized and applied step by step, and the packaging production enterprises and packaging users should cooperate with each other. Figure 1 shows the composition and structure of the hydraulic energy digging material testing machine. It uses the power of technology to occupy the market and meet the fierce competition in the grain market after China's entry into WTO

grain packaging reform is a visible and tangible economic growth point, and a powerful weapon for grain production and operators to participate in market economic competition. Grain packaging reform will certainly make its due contribution to the revitalization of grain economy

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