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Zoomlion helped the new pattern of supplier transformation and development

Zoomlion helped the new pattern of supplier transformation and development

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on November 18, Zoomlion concrete machinery company signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Anhui Jiutong company, and realized the departure of the first batch of 11 pump trucks

the scope of cooperation between the two sides covers equipment supply, product support, site leasing, brand publicity and other aspects, marking a solid step in the transformation and development of Anhui Jiutong company from a traditional construction machinery parts supplier to a large construction machinery lessee

Zoomlion signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Anhui Jiutong and delivered the product car keys

ten years of sincere cooperation, Jiutong achieved a leap of 500000 to 320million

Anhui Jiutong company was established in 2003 and began to set foot in the installation of concrete mixing plants and the production of silos. In 2004, it cooperated with Zoomlion

in the first few years of the cooperation, it caught up with the upsurge of China's infrastructure construction and rapid economic development, and the business was overwhelmed. Jiutong company, like a rocket, has become a leader in the national concrete production line suppliers, achieving a leap in annual output value from 500000 in 2004 to 320million in 2013. Zoomlion's corporate culture and innovation management have also played an important role in promoting the nine links, which is in its infancy

from suppliers to third-party logistics lessors, get on the road again

in 2013, the growth rate of the construction machinery industry slowed down significantly, and the demand for construction machinery host equipment began to decline. The company, whose main business is to provide concrete mixing plant silos, was naturally also greatly affected

according to panxiao, chairman of Anhui Jiutong, he entered the construction machinery leasing industry market at the beginning, Follow the "high starting point + enter the market in advance" "At the beginning of the strategy, we directly purchased 10 Zoomlion pump trucks, and seized the opportunity to be the first batch of crab eaters before the rental market in Anhui officially started. By 2011, the business volume had reached an annual supporting output value of 300 million. At present, we have 25 Zoomlion concrete pump trucks, 15 on-board pumps, and 30 mixer trucks. The business volume has also been growing steadily, and is expected to become the largest third-party logistics in Anhui in the next five years Leasing enterprise

at the same time, Jiutong company actively built a special equipment monitoring IOT platform to implement "standardized and full coverage" management of leased equipment. In the field of engineering safety supervision, the IOT technology is fully applied to establish a concrete mixer GPS monitoring platform, which requires the inclusion of a detailed product smaller than the satellite positioning technology, realizing the real-time monitoring of the concrete mixer, effectively ensuring the safety of the operation of special vehicles and reducing the accident rate

Jiutong mode may become a successful sample of the transformation of construction machinery parts suppliers

at present, the construction machinery industry is at an unprecedented trough. As a strategic supplier of Zoomlion, Anhui Jiutong mechanical equipment Co., Ltd. faced with the decline of construction machinery supporting business, timely promoted the strategic transformation, and entered the engineering machinery point fixed load extension, elastic modulus, elongation, stripping range Zui large value, Zui small value, average value, net energy, and turn back energy machinery leasing industry. At present, it has gradually become the leading enterprise in the leasing industry in Anhui

Jiutong company has successfully transformed the third-party logistics market and achieved good results, which undoubtedly provides a valuable and reference successful sample for the transformation and upgrading of construction machinery parts suppliers

this time, the two sides officially signed an agreement on strategic cooperation to strengthen the management of hydraulic oil, which is another milestone in the cooperation and development between Zoomlion and Anhui Jiutong mechanical equipment Co., Ltd., and will create a business model of all-round and three-dimensional cooperation in the industry

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