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Zoomlion Henan Huaxian "grow grain" to improve the land utilization rate

Zoomlion Henan Huaxian "grow grain" to improve the land utilization rate

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Zoomlion began to "grow grain". The author learned from Hua county, Henan Province on the 22nd that Zoomlion's first domestic agricultural mechanization demonstration farm, Ruiyang grain planting farmers' professional cooperative farm in Hua county, was recently inaugurated. It is understood that this is a large modern agricultural demonstration farm led by the agricultural mechanization technology development and Promotion Station of the Ministry of agriculture and participated by enterprises

the Ruiyang grain planting farmers' Professional Cooperative in Hua county, which is "married" to Zoomlion, currently has 326 members and 35000 mu of transferred land. It is a local "star cooperative" to the letter. Wang Weidong, the president of the agency, said that large-scale agricultural mechanization demonstration farms can achieve standardized grain production, increase grain output, reduce costs and increase benefits

in recent years, with the deepening implementation of the spirit of the No. 1 central document of the Central Committee, the land ownership confirmation and transfer work in various regions have been steadily promoted, and the scale of new agricultural business entities such as agricultural machinery professional cooperatives, large farmers, family farms, etc. has continued to grow, and has become an important carrier to promote the construction of modern agriculture in China

"for enterprises, the construction and operation of Zoomlion agricultural mechanization demonstration farm can optimize and adjust the applicability of products in combination with the scale of local land and agronomic conditions, so as to design and develop operation machinery more suitable for relevant agronomic needs and promote product upgrading." The relevant person in charge of Zoomlion said. It is reported that Zoomlion relies on its own technical strength to actively explore a new mode of agricultural machinery and agronomy integration under the background of land intensification, so as to provide new ideas for the development of large-scale modern farms in China

Hua county, located in the north of Henan Province, is the largest grain producing county in Henan Province, known as the "granary of Northern Henan"

Wang Weidong said that through the in-depth cooperation between social enterprises and enterprises, we should build a demonstration farm of agricultural mechanization. On the one hand, the land will be uniformly operated and managed through circulation, and on the other hand, we will better play the role of agricultural machinery, so that the agricultural technology can be implemented, extended and improved, effectively improve the land utilization rate, increase grain production, and increase the income of members. At the same time, only by freeing farmers from heavy field work can composite materials really be sustainable. Under the background of more and more rural labor transferring to cities, the problem of who will farm land has been solved

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