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Zoomlion launched the "pioneer" series of urban concrete equipment

Zoomlion launched the "pioneer" series of urban concrete equipment

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Guide: at the recently held 2013 fourth Pan Pearl River Delta cement summit, Zoomlion participated as an enterprise representative and launched the pioneer series of urban concrete equipment. Pioneer series of complete sets of urban concrete equipment is actually a common concrete mixing plant and concrete near urban construction sites

at the fourth Pan Pearl River Delta cement summit 2013 held a few days ago, Zoomlion, as an enterprise representative, participated in the meeting and launched the "pioneer" series of complete sets of urban concrete equipment

the "pioneer" series of complete sets of urban concrete equipment is actually the "mini version" of the three major urban construction machinery, namely, the concrete mixing station, the concrete truck and the concrete pump truck, which are common in the accessories of urban construction sites. It is mainly used for the construction of small-scale buildings in towns and villages. The traditional village and town construction methods such as on-site mixing concrete and pure manual pouring are replaced by commercial concrete and pump truck mechanical pouring

chenxiaofei, vice president of Zoomlion and general manager of concrete machinery company, defines "pioneer" as a "new type of town builder" specifically for the special working conditions of villages and towns

urbanization and enterprise development complement each other

in Chen Xiaofei's view, the strongest engine of China's economic growth is new-type urbanization, and the world's largest investment opportunity is China's new-type urbanization. New-type urbanization will bid farewell to the past "pie" expansion with central cities as the main body, and turn to the construction of small and medium-sized towns. Township construction has become the largest beneficiary, ushering in unprecedented market opportunities, And "pioneers" came into being in such opportunities

the control function of the experimental machine is mainly based on the undetermined communication between the PC and the lower computer. At the national "two sessions" held in March this year, Zhan Chunxin, deputy to the National People's Congress and chairman of Zoomlion Heavy Industries, made a speech when the Hunan delegation was reviewing the government work report. He combined the practice of Zoomlion in the field of construction machinery industry, and gave a new model to promote urbanization, It will promote the construction and prosperity of cities and towns through industrial agglomeration

on the industrial map of Zoomlion, Taking Changsha as the starting point and heading west, it crosses 4 cities, 12 counties and urban areas, and forms an industrial corridor with an average park every 35 kilometers along the 267 kilometer long line. Together, they form the production base of Zoomlion's large tonnage crane series, environmental sanitation machinery, concrete machinery series and other products

while creating economic benefits for enterprises, this industrial corridor has greatly promoted the development of local urbanization. It coincides with the government's work report that it will continue to maintain a growth rate of about 50% in 2014, "we should follow the objective laws of urbanization and actively and steadily promote the healthy development of urbanization"

while Zoomlion's Industrial Park injects vitality into the development of urbanization, its products are also integrating into the trend of urbanization. Chen Xiaofei said, "pioneer" is a product specially designed for special working conditions in villages and towns. Its significance is to build a beautiful home for industrial workers and millions of farmers who are rooted in rural land

the market sinks and digs gold in the vast world

Zoomlion is both a beneficiary and a participant in the urbanization construction. The emergence of "pioneer" products indicates that Zoomlion will enter the vast market of towns and villages on a large scale

from 2012 to 2013, affected by the slowdown of national economic growth and the decline in the growth rate of fixed asset investment, the concrete and cement products industry was affected to a certain extent. The output of commercial concrete still maintained a growth trend, but the investment growth rate decreased. Correspondingly, the situation of excess capacity of concrete machinery has emerged

in the view of Zhan Chunxin, chairman of Zoomlion, in the situation of overcapacity, we must rely on continuous innovation to inject continuous vitality into the enterprise and improve its core competitiveness. The innovation of products must first meet the needs of the market. The emergence of "pioneers" under the current market situation, on the one hand, is to see a new round of demand for commercial concrete in the future urbanization construction process, on the other hand, it also finds another market export with broad prospects for the huge production capacity of concrete machinery, in addition to the first and second tier cities

in 2012, the national concrete consumption exceeded 5billion m3, and the ratio of areas above the county level to rural areas was 9:1, and 80% of rural areas were mixed on site. There are 2861 counties and 44821 towns and townships in China, of which 1/3 are covered by county stations, and about 3 towns need to build a small station. Considering the factors of developed regions and extremely underdeveloped regions, it is estimated that the market scale of "pioneers" in towns and townships can reach more than 10 billion in the future, and its market prospect is very promising

build a beautiful town with blue sky and white clouds

most of the buildings in cities and towns, especially civilian houses, are small-scale buildings, and simple on-site mixing concrete seems to meet this demand. Why does Zoomlion think that professional concrete machinery and commercial concrete can take a share in the construction of villages and towns

in this regard, Zoomlion calculated an account for the township builders and the government: taking an ordinary 200 square meter small building in Baidi Town, Qidong County as an example, its floor pouring requires about 20 square meters of concrete. Taking into account the costs of labor, small machinery, sand, gravel, cement and so on, it costs about 7140 yuan to construct with the traditional on-site mixing method, while the price of using a full set of concrete production equipment such as mixing plants, pumps and trucks is basically the same

under almost the same economic cost, the harm of on-site mixing concrete is difficult to measure with money: the quality of on-site mixing concrete is very poor, causing hidden dangers in building safety, and has become one of the main culprits of house collapse in the earthquake. It also brings extremely serious dust pollution and air pollution caused by carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide emissions

it is worth mentioning that in order to reflect the new urbanization, the new farmers measure the output pulse number of the photoelectric encoder to obtain the displacement of the beam. The Ministry of housing and urban rural development has carried out the construction demonstration projects of "beautiful and livable towns" and "beautiful and livable villages" across the country to provide commercial concrete for civilian housing, farmland water conservancy, road hardening The large-scale construction of villages and towns has created a specific and enforceable policy environment and market environment

when the policy guidance, environmental needs and actual economic benefits are met at the same time, the "pioneers" of Zoomlion Heavy science and Technology Commission, with the heavy task of new town builders, expect it to build a safe and warm home in their hometown for migrant workers who go out from the countryside and builders who stay in towns

Chen Xiaofei said that he expected "the pioneer series products will work together with high quality and efficiency to build new towns that are resource-saving, cost-effective and environment-friendly, and contribute to the construction of rural areas and towns in China."

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