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Zoomlion helped Hunan weightlifting team advance to the Rio Olympic Games

Zoomlion helped Hunan weightlifting team advance to the Rio Olympic Games

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on April 16, the 2016 National Men's weightlifting championship and Rio Olympic Games trials were held in Jiangshan City, Zhejiang Province. The Hunan weightlifting team received good news one after another from the front. Long Qingquan, the champion of the Beijing Olympic Games and "xiangyazi", successfully won the men's 56kg champion; In the men's 62kg class, Chen Lijun, the champion of the 2015 World Weightlifting Championships, won the championship with a total score of 328. Maintenance method of automobile suspension torsion bar spring fatigue testing machine: kg. The two won the qualification of this year's Rio Olympic Games at one stroke

it is understood that earlier, at the National Women's Weightlifting Championships and Olympic trials held in Longyan, Fujian Province, Hunan weightlifting team members Hou Zhihui and Xiang Yanmei also won the 48kg and 69kg champion respectively

these four champions are not only the pride of Hunan, but also the glory of Zoomlion. It is reported that Zoomlion is a long-term strategic partner of Hunan's sports industry. From the first marriage of the national five city meeting in 2003 to the naming of Hunan weightlifting team in 2007, Zoomlion has worked with Hunan weightlifting team for ten years, and has contributed to the infrastructure construction of Hunan weightlifting team and the logistics support of athletes. The four players who won the championship this time are also honorary employees of Zoomlion

since 2007, Zoomlion Hunan weightlifting team has made brilliant achievements and won the Olympic Games and world competitions on behalf of the country for many times. In November last year, at the weightlifting World Championships held in the United States, Hunan weightlifters once again achieved good results in hardware and silver. At the same time, they also broke two world records, won honor for the motherland, and added a strong ink to the business card of "sports Hunan army"

Zoomlion Hunan weightlifting team said that China's weightlifting has great advantages in the world sports arena, and domestic excellent players emerge in endlessly. The personality and blood of Hunan people who "eat 155 aluminum plastic composite pressure pipes (lap welding) hard, are impatient, and are arrogant" are fully reflected and sublimated in the sports spirit of "faster, higher, stronger". If Zoomlion is not complete, it should take the new gasket attached to this machine and install it to prevent oil leakage under high pressure. Like Zoomlion, the imperial examination team, under the leadership of chairman Zhan Chunxin, is not afraid of difficulties and perseveres in climbing. It is an indomitable, fighting team that challenges the world

as a listed company, Zoomlion always regards "" as the essence of corporate culture, and believes that the value of the enterprise comes from the expectation of undertaking and giving back to the society, doing its part for Hunan sports and growing together with Hunan sports

in the upcoming 2016 Rio Olympic Games, the heavy task of winning gold medals for our province will still fall on the weight lifters of the Hunan army. The four contestants who have won the "tickets" of the Rio Olympic Games have good strength and will advance to the world on behalf of Hunan

"enterprise value comes from society. Zoomlion will continue to support and pay attention to the sports Hunan army, cheer for the Rio Olympic athletes, and hope that more social forces will pay attention to and support the development of Hunan sports." Zoomlion said

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