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Zoomlion's new preparations for the Shanghai BMW exhibition

the biennial Shanghai BMW exhibition will be opened at the Shanghai New International Expo Center on November 22, 2016. As the largest Expo in the domestic construction machinery industry, BMW Shanghai once became an important new product release platform for construction machinery enterprises due to its wide influence and attention. As a leader in China's construction machinery industry, Zoomlion has been very brilliant at BMW Shanghai. What surprises will it bring this year

according to the preparatory staff of Zoomlion Shanghai BMW exhibition, Zoomlion needs to carry out the fatigue experiment of materials under alternating load. This BMW exhibition can be summarized by four Keywords: fine color, green, novelty and intelligence

fine face: new VI shows high face equipment

Zoomlion has a total of 8 series A. Application Manual; A total of 20 products will be exhibited in the exhibition, and all products will be introduced with a new VI. The Romantic Aurora green, deep Xingyao gray, and solid gravel gray not only give Zoomlion machinery and equipment a scientific and technological texture, but also add a touch of flexibility and flexibility, which will bring people visual enjoyment and spiritual pleasure

green: energy conservation and environmental protection build a better life

green development, energy conservation and environmental protection are the principles that Zoomlion has always adhered to. This exhibition will continue the concept of "striving to build a better life" at BMW Germany, and integrate it into all links of product exhibition, booth construction and Exhibition form. The booth will still be built with a large number of recyclable environmental protection materials; At the same time, the crane series products on display have been technically improved, and the energy-saving system with intelligent multi-power mode has been adopted. The overall fuel consumption of vehicles has been reduced by 20%, greatly saving fuel costs for customers. In addition, the crane can only firmly implement the capacity reduction crane series products. After systematic and comprehensive noise reduction, it has reached the highest CE standard in the industry, so that crane construction is no longer a source of noise

Innovation: introduce the old and bring forth the new 4.0 product launch

"innovation" is the consistent attitude of Zoomlion in participating in BMW Exhibition for many years. Zoomlion can bring great surprise to every Shanghai BMW exhibition, and the biggest surprise of 2016 Shanghai BMW exhibition is undoubtedly the release of 4.0 series products. Following the new trend of world industrial development, we have improved the production process of construction machinery products, simplified the production line, improved the versatility of product accessories, deepened the use of IOT technology, and improved the characteristics of energy conservation, environmental protection and intelligence of products, which has made Zoomlion 4.0 products. With new materials, new processes, new methods, intelligent interconnection, and "palm" equipment, Zoomlion will take you to open the 4.0 era of China's construction machinery with the continuous emergence of new raw materials, new singers and new works

Intelligence: the launch of industrial IOT and commercial interconnection

4.0 products represents a progress of IOT for construction machinery and equipment. For Zoomlion Heavy Industry, the joint work of industrial IOT and commercial interconnection is likely to open the intelligent door of China's construction machinery industry. In this exhibition, Zoomlion will fully demonstrate the process of industrial IOT, and will simultaneously carry out a number of exhibitions and promotional activities on the online and offline business Internet platform to help customers better experience Zoomlion's products and services

new products, new technologies, new solutions, new ideas, integrate innovative ideas into green manufacturing, use green manufacturing to achieve intelligent products, and use intelligent products to serve your engineering career. You are invited to witness every difference

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