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Zoomlion helped build Colombo port in Sri Lanka to build a "future city" on the "Silk Road"

Zoomlion helped build Colombo port in Sri Lanka to build a "future city" on the "Silk Road"

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Sri Lanka, located on the "the Belt and Road" maritime Silk Road, is known as a pearl on the Indian peninsula. Recently, a number of Zoomlion equipment have been under construction in Colombo port city, Sri Lanka, of which the most notable is the Zoomlion tower crane, which is located in the center of the port city - Crist square. With its "efforts", it will help build a 345.8-meter-high super elevation skyscraper with a total of about 84 floors

Zoomlion TCD is building the Crist square project in Colombo

it is understood that the Colombo port city invested and constructed by China is currently the most important transshipment port in Southeast Asia and the silk road. It is positioned as the "future city" of Sri Lanka. It plans to build an International Shopping Center and culture, which is also affected by the booming development of China's automobile industry and tire industry in recent years, including the center, five-star hotel and international yacht wharf, There are many super high-rise high-end office buildings and 30000 high-end residences, with a strong flavor of modern architecture, showing a sense of science and technology and a sense of the future. The port city will become the financial center of Southeast Asia and meet the market demand of Southeast Asia and even East Africa

standing at the construction site in Colombo, you can see several tower cranes and elevators of Zoomlion standing in these "future" tall buildings, and the sound of on-site machine operation can be heard, while not far away, you can see the blue Indian Ocean

another prospect of Colombo Pro is that the cooling and target heating of Peltier elements in the slotted sleeve section are near the sea, the weather is changeable, and the wind is strong. In addition to the comprehensive construction capacity, the products also need strong wind resistance, which has ensured the stability and safety of construction

the client said, "we have seen the on-site construction of Zoomlion tower crane in other projects in Sri Lanka, and in Colombo, Zoomlion products are used in many high-rise projects, so we chose Zoomlion. Facts have proved that its quality is really trustworthy."

Zoomlion tower crane is building the Colombo seaport city Shangri La project

"in the later stage, we will also add Zoomlion elevators and towing pump products suitable for skyscrapers." The customer said

Zoomlion TCD played a key role in the Krister square skyscraper project in Colombo. According to reports, the skyscraper project is very special - it is composed of three buildings about 300 meters high, which are connected by two spectacular bridges, and the construction scale of the project is more than 5.3 million square meters

rendering of Crist square skyscraper project

such a large-scale and long-time operation requires a product with excellent performance, quality and stability. Zoomlion TCD tower crane is a high-performance product developed for super high-rise buildings

according to the relevant person in charge of Zoomlion, the tower crane has a 75 meter arm length and a lifting capacity of 16 tons. It has stable performance, high operation efficiency, stable operation and convenient and fast installation. In the current construction, the construction is assisted with zero errors and high efficiency to ensure the smooth progress of the operation

at the same time, in terms of service, Zoomlion has a professional spare parts center and service in the local area. You can rest assured that the service team and service engineers are stationed on the site to ensure the normal operation of the equipment 24 hours a day

Sri Lanka is an important part of the "21st century Maritime Silk Road" proposed by China in the Indian Ocean, and the friendship between China and Sri Lanka has lasted for thousands of years. This year is the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Sri Lanka. Under the "the Belt and Road" initiative, China has invested in Sri Lanka in many infrastructure projects, including roads, railways, airports and ports, and Zoomlion, which has developed in the South Asian market, In the future, it will contribute more to the infrastructure construction of Sri Lanka through the adjustment of formula

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