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Zoomlion implements layered matrix quality management to achieve quality development

Zoomlion implements layered matrix quality management to achieve quality development

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recently, Tian Shihong, a member of the Party group of the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine and director of the standardization management committee, visited Zoomlion, the company's senior president Yin Zhengfu, the representative of quality management, introduced the current implementation of hierarchical matrix quality control mode to achieve product quality development. At present, the automobile lightweight work is still facing challenges

after visiting the product exhibition platform and the construction machinery exhibition hall, Tian Shihong said, "Zoomlion is a well-known brand of construction machinery and a benchmark enterprise in Hunan Province, which has made immortal contributions to the national economic construction."

at the research symposium, this report contains the "forward-looking statement" defined in item 21e of the securities and exchange act of 1934. Yin Zhengfu introduced the overall situation of the company's quality management work and the fruitful results achieved in recent years. "To sum up, it is cultural guidance, strategic orientation, market drive, technical support, hierarchical matrix." Yin Zhengfu said that this quality control mode will help Zoomlion build its core competitiveness with excellent product quality, strive for the coordinated development of "quality" and "quantity" last year, and realize the transformation, upgrading and steady development of the enterprise. "At present, we are actively promoting the comprehensive implementation of the company's hierarchical matrix quality control mode, and establishing a 'five in one' quality concept that synchronously improves product quality, service quality, work quality, ecological environment quality and business quality."

it is also understood that Zoomlion is the first independent undertaking unit of the Secretariat of the international organization for Standardization in China's equipment manufacturing industry, the undertaking unit of the Secretariat of a committee of the international organization for Standardization (iso/tc96 crane), as well as the domestic centralized unit, chairman and secretary-general unit of several sub committees, responsible for the formulation of standards for mobile cranes and tower cranes. "Relying on its strong technological innovation ability, Zoomlion has continuously transformed its technological research results into standards, and has the strength of national and international standard formulation and revision." Fu Ling, President of Zoomlion Central Research Institute, introduced the company's main achievements and achievements in standards work

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