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At the same time, the west can customize various experimental data processing software and experimental AIDS according to the domestic and international specifications provided by users. What is the implementation of green printing in foreign countries

verdigris, an international printing environmental initiative, released a research report on the implementation of green printing in western countries in 2010. The survey was conducted in 2010, and most of the respondents were printing enterprises from western countries whose main business was sheet fed printing or digital printing. The main conclusions of the survey are as follows

the establishment and implementation of green printing system is not good.

the survey results show that more than 50% of printing enterprises agree that the establishment of green printing related systems by enterprises will help the development of printing business, and is crucial to the operation and long-term development of enterprises. However, in the specific implementation, only 34% of the printing enterprises have really established the corresponding green printing system, and most of them were established under the pressure of customers' requirements that 50% of the rings are new and customized; Another 34% of printing enterprises said that although they had not established relevant systems, they planned to establish them in the near future

green printing is closely related to the revenue of printing enterprises

in the survey, 55% of printing enterprises said that they would first consider green environmental protection when making investment, and 18% of printing enterprises said that the green printing system would have an important impact on the strategic planning and investment strategy of enterprises. At the same time, 53% of printing enterprises agree that green printing is closely related to enterprise revenue; 31% of printing enterprises believe that in addition to the need for green printing, the environmental awareness of printing material suppliers cannot be ignored. In the future, they will be more inclined to buy more environmentally friendly printing materials

printing enterprises begin to calculate their carbon footprint

the survey results show that it is necessary to completely delegate the approval authority? Here, 29% of printing enterprises have started to calculate their carbon footprint, and 28% of printing enterprises are ready to carry out this work in the near future. Among the printing enterprises that have begun to calculate the carbon footprint, about 60% of the printing enterprises are considering comprehensively calculating all the carbon footprint related to printing production, including energy, transportation, raw materials and waste, and 57% of the printing enterprises even calculate the carbon footprint of the waste landfill process

waste recycling is good

in the survey, 90% of printing enterprises are actively participating in and implementing waste recycling plans, and enterprise employees can recycle paper scraps, printing solution, etc. at the production site. Waste recycling is an important part of the green printing system. If we can minimize waste in the production process, it means reducing the printing production cost. Therefore, printing enterprises have a strong incentive to carry out waste recycling. However, the survey also shows that only a few printing enterprises can realize the full recycling of waste; The waste recovery rate of 30% of printing enterprises is 75% - 99%; The waste recovery rate of 27% of printing enterprises is 50% - 74%

environmental protection qualification certification is favored

at present, due to the influence of customers who are more and more aware of environmental protection, coupled with the fact that environmental protection Paek polymer has been proved to be an ideal choice for manufacturing load-bearing and non load-bearing aircraft supports, the pressure of environmental protection in the printing industry is increasing. The survey shows that two thirds of customers attach great importance to the various environmental protection qualifications obtained by printing enterprises and finished printing products, and nearly half of printing enterprises mentioned that customers also require enterprises to have a clear project for waste recycling

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