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2017 electric tool E-commerce Development Research Report

Abstract: in recent years, the electric tool industry has shown a rapid development trend. With the convenient e-commerce sales model, domestic electric tools have firmly occupied the main domestic market. With the increasing awareness of consumers on the brand, foreign electric tool brands such as Bosch, Hitachi, Stanley, etc., with the help of e-commerce platforms, began to slowly "invade" the domestic market

with the development trend of economic globalization, the electric tool market has developed very rapidly. Internet has transformed the business model of many traditional industries over the years. As a traditional industry, electric tools will inevitably accept the challenge of Internet. Many electric tool enterprises have embraced the e-commerce market in an attempt to avoid the subversion of the marketing model. At present, the power tool industry with a huge market has not been lucky to become a fat meat on the e-commerce outlet

the transformation of electric tools into e-commerce can be seen everywhere. In the early years, by building an e-commerce platform with its own brand, it began to be abandoned slowly due to the high consumption of manpower and funds and the inability to achieve the expected flow. At present, the main (5) selects the shape of the sample in the "sample parameters" column if it is stationed on a third-party B2C e-commerce platform, such as tmall,, Suning, Amazon, etc. The advantage of entering the e-commerce market lies in the fact that power tools can change their production, operation, sales and other links through the interconnection, so that small and medium-sized brand power tool enterprises can get more opportunities and master the future in their own hands

according to the analysis, in recent years, the electric tool industry has shown a rapid development trend. With the convenient e-commerce sales model, domestic electric tools have firmly occupied the main domestic market. With the increasing awareness of consumers on the brand, foreign electric tool brands such as Bosch, Hitachi, Stanley, etc., with the help of e-commerce platforms, began to slowly "invade" the domestic market. Although China is the world's largest production base of hand tools, most export tools are OEM based. Many foreign well-known brands purchase and sell back to the domestic market after labeling. Coupled with the non-standard market competition of domestic enterprises, the export price is getting lower and lower, so domestic brands are facing great challenges

current problems of "electric shock" of electric tools

1 Although the scale of the electric tool industry continues to expand, most of China's enterprises are relatively weak in competitiveness, are in a low-level imitation stage in technology, have a weak brand awareness, and often obtain small profits at low prices. Similarly, in the e-commerce mode, the competition is more intense than traditional channels. Consumers value convenience and low prices when purchasing products. Therefore, e-commerce price is the ideal test equipment war for quality inspection departments, which occurs almost every day, resulting in low domestic brand prices and high foreign brand prices

2. Under the pressure of high purchase and distribution costs, many traditional enterprises of electric tools are unwilling to contact the development mode of e-commerce. There are various types of electric tools, and the logistics and distribution costs are relatively high compared with other products. Under the background of price war, the profit share of enterprises, excluding costs, labor, freight, storage and other expenses, has not reached a considerable level. Therefore, more enterprises are still in a wait-and-see attitude. E-commerce is the general trend, unable to find an entry point, may face the dilemma of being eliminated

3. Due to the low threshold of e-commerce access in China's electric tool industry, small investment in independent innovation, product research and development, brand cultivation and other aspects, the recognition of electric tool products with independent intellectual property rights in the international market is far from enough, and the international marketing network has not been effectively established. The domestic electric tool e-commerce market is challenged by foreign brands, the competition is becoming increasingly fierce, and many enterprises are under great pressure

what is the future of electric tools

1. As one of the common application tools, electric tools can be seen everywhere, such as electric drills, electric saws, cutting machines, angle grinders, etc. the scope of application is very wide, including machinery industry, building decoration, landscaping, wood processing, financial processing, etc., which plays an indispensable role in social and economic development. As the largest developing country, China's electric tools are therefore classified into the category of advanced equipment manufacturing industry. The market demand is quite huge, and the prospect continues to improve

2. The concept of purchase has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. The sales mode of electric tools combined with e-commerce will increase the liquidity of products and will no longer be limited to regional sales. At the same time, the brand awareness of enterprises will also be improved. The launch of third-party platforms provides opportunities for circulation enterprises that are unable to "touch" to access rich resources of the Internet, driving the development of the industry

3. Benefiting from the breakthrough of lithium battery technology, the quality of electric power pulling machine is inseparable from the service life of the machine, and gradually turn to clean energy for power supply. The battery capacity and safety of electric tools are expected to be greatly improved, and the battery cost is continuously reduced. With the increasing popularity in the family, electric tools need to undertake a variety of uses. With the breakthrough of electronic control technology, intelligent tools have entered the family, and the development potential of the industry is huge

how should enterprises seek development

correct transformation of e-commerce

traditional enterprises are now full of confusion about the transformation of e-commerce. Although traditional enterprises are very urgent about the transformation of e-commerce, each enterprise belongs to different industries, and each industry has its own characteristics, and the transformation of e-commerce is also diverse. It is fundamental to choose a transformation path that is in line with the current situation of the industry and the enterprise's own situation, and the transformation of e-commerce should go the right way

improve the technical level

in order to consolidate the currently occupied market and further cultivate and develop new markets, we will focus on the following aspects in the future: further improve product quality and speed up the development of new products. In particular, we should focus on accelerating the development of battery power tools and electronic control power tools, and constantly improve the level and product quality of power tools

strive for independent brands

at present, China's electric tools are mainly foreign OEMs, and the brand competitiveness is not strong. In product export, we should strive to make our own brand, highlight the core competitiveness of quality and price, improve the service system, and improve the competitiveness of the international market and brand popularity with the help of overseas e-commerce platforms

explore new markets

actively explore new markets, strengthen research on export trade practices, stabilize and continuously expand the share of electric tools in major European and American markets, seize opportunities, seize more shares from the huge markets of developing countries such as Africa and Latin America, and achieve diversification, so that domestic brands continue to replace foreign brands

believes that compared with the high level of the international market, China's power tool production technology and management level are low, and the product function is single. In order to improve competitiveness in the domestic and foreign markets, in the face of the treacherous e-commerce market, while the function and innovation of the product will constitute a batch of independent intellectual property achievements with international advanced level, the operation direction should be adjusted in time when encountering problems, and the e-commerce talent reserve should be cultivated, With the development of e-commerce platforms, actively expand potential emerging markets abroad, establish a loyal customer base, optimize services, ensure product quality, and let enterprises go the right way in the process of transforming e-commerce, which is the key to business in the game

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