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Fulette Glass Research Report

fulette Glass Group Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of photovoltaic glass prototypes in China. The photovoltaic glass products of the group are mainly ultra white photovoltaic embossed glass, which is mainly used to produce crystalline silicon photovoltaic cells, and crystalline silicon photovoltaic cells can then be assembled into crystalline silicon photovoltaic modules. In addition, photovoltaic glass can also be used as a cover plate for thin-film photovoltaic cells, which is mainly supplied to domestic and overseas photovoltaic module manufacturers. The group has established a strong customer base at home and abroad. It also has two guide rail customer bases for guidance, including solar frontier K, a leading photovoltaic module manufacturer. K。 , It also supplies glass products to a famous Japanese multinational company that has also moved forward from the original single-1 tension and compression test to a variety of experimental characteristic tests, They are natural rubber extracted from rubber trees and synthetic rubber produced from crude oil. The group is also the first photovoltaic glass manufacturer in China to obtain the SPF photovoltaic glass certificate issued by the Swiss Institute of solar energy technology through the solar energy technology experimental research (SPF) test program specially set up for photovoltaic glass

based on the sales revenue of photovoltaic glass raw sheets and photovoltaic deep processed glass in some new material segments in 2014, the group is the largest photovoltaic glass manufacturer in the world and China, and one of the most experienced manufacturers in China with superior geographical location

the group's product R & D capability is very important for its development. At present, the group has a strong R & D department composed of more than 30 scientific researchers. Most of its members have university degrees or above, and the product technical knowledge is very rich

the group plans to build photovoltaic glass processing facilities in Anhui Province to provide better services for customers in or near Central China, while reducing transportation costs and increasing market penetration in these regions

in the past few years, under the influence of overcapacity and weakening demand in European countries, the price of crystalline silicon photovoltaic modules in China has fallen sharply, while the group's profits are expected to continue to be affected by demand/supply and price fluctuations

as of 2012, 2014 and may 2015, the Group recorded net current liabilities and a high debt level during the recording period, exposing the group to liquidity risk, which will have a serious adverse impact on business and operations

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