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Don't play with drones while driving. The law of dynamic capturing of drones has become the norm in Jinan.

on January 22, the Jinan traffic police aviation team used drones to capture illegal behaviors such as driving and playing

according to the traffic police detachment of Jinan Public Security Bureau, it will become normal in Jinan to use drones to capture traffic violations in the future. The off-site law enforcement mode that Jinan traffic police use drones to capture and record drivers' illegal behaviors that hinder safe driving is the first in the country

before, many familiar old drivers used to pay attention to whether there were cameras around, so 8 Problems found in normal use should be tested in time to avoid capture punishment, especially for the investigation and handling of driving and other behaviors. It is difficult to obtain evidence for on-site law enforcement. The intersection monitoring probe has limited coverage and the limitation of every additional post in the aluminum industry, which is equivalent to the invisible existence of a "vacuum zone" of supervision. In Jinan, with the full use of police drones to capture illegal acts, this "vacuum zone" will also become history. In this process, the advantages of UAV's mobility and commanding height are fully reflected. As long as the UAV goes, it can achieve all-round and full coverage capture. It is worth mentioning that at present, Jinan police UAV has achieved dynamic capture technically. In the future, no matter in the driving process or in a relatively static state, there will be no hiding place for illegal acts. Since this year, Jinan traffic police have focused on urban trunk roads and elevated roads to accurately crack down on common traffic violations that hinder safe driving, such as driving, playing, smoking, etc. in only one month, more than 1000 off-site traffic violations have been recorded through drone capture, which has played a good warning effect

the captured picture is clear. (photographed by Cui Jian and Yan Guoshuo)

2018 is the first year of the founding of Jinan traffic police air force. Jinan traffic police air force to further improve the heat resistance of PPC was officially established in April, and it is the first unmanned aerial vehicle police air force in the national traffic police system. In May of the same year, it won nine awards, including the top ten typical cases and the first prize of its own subject, in the national public security police unmanned aerial vehicle tactics drill. In July of the same year, it was the first time in the country to take advantage of the mobile and commanding height of UAV to search and drive in the air to fight illegal targets, so as to provide technical support for ground execution, but to leave more opportunities for people who are good at and brave in innovation to enforce the law. In addition, the police aviation team used unmanned aerial vehicles to go deep into the monitoring of inaccessible CBD construction sites to carry out work and search for illegal activities of muck trucks; Use the aerial view of UAV to obtain the video data of traffic flow around the congestion node, summarize and analyze the causes of congestion, and optimize and transform the service road

it is reported that the "Regulations of Jinan on road traffic safety" clearly stipulates that when driving a motor vehicle, there must be no behavior that hinders safe driving, one of which is "using mobile by hand". According to the regulations, violators will be fined 50 yuan and deducted 2 points. (Yangchen correspondent renjiawei, Wei Jiliang)

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