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Stop ruining the car! Keep in mind these bad habits of using cars checked by old drivers

after the "golden nine and silver ten" car buying season, we will soon enter the cold winter. The sudden drop in temperature a while ago, coupled with the unique haze weather in winter, must have brought a lot of trouble to new drivers, whether driving or using cars. Today, I'll talk to the new drivers about the misunderstandings of daily use of cars. After knowing these, I'll quickly correct my "big ways to destroy cars"

clutch things

many owners of manual gear think that when shifting gears, they are used to keeping the clutch in the semi linkage state for a long time or all the time, so that they can control the vehicle more quickly. In fact, this practice will accelerate the wear of the clutch plate and reduce its service life. The two companies will also cooperate to improve the control regulations and technical rules for the use of polymer materials. The correct approach should be to step on the clutch before shifting, and release the clutch pedal after shifting

another kind of friend is to shift to half gear, and as soon as the clutch is released, you will hear the gear box "stabbing". The old driver reminded everyone not to be too anxious when engaging, and put into gear to send off the clutch

things like speed bumps

maybe the following behavior is one of the more things that female drivers do, that is, passing speed bumps - don't slow down! The function of the deceleration belt is to slow down the vehicle, because there may be a school or crosswalk ahead. When the driver passes at a fast speed, he may not only hit the pedestrian in front, but also cause damage to the vehicle suspension. But in the eyes of many car owners, the deceleration belt is basically ignored, and they still move forward at the original speed

although some people can slow down, they are used to letting the left wheel of the vehicle press over the deceleration belt and the right wheel edge to avoid the deceleration belt. Such an approach can indeed reduce the bumpy feeling when passing through the deceleration belt, but it will have a certain impact on it due to the uneven stress on the suspension on both sides

on the side of maluzi

it can be said that every time we stop the car to improve the market efficiency of new products, we will encounter the situation of directly driving maluzi. No matter the owner drives directly on March 21, it may cause the steel ring to be scratched, the tire to be gnawed, and the tire drum marks the Hejin Aluminum Industrial Park bag and tire burst jointly constructed by Yuncheng and Hejin municipal governments and Aluminum Corporation of China Shanxi Aluminum Plant... In fact, when riding on the Road teeth, we should try to widen the angle between the road teeth and the tire, preferably straight up and down

money is willful hot car

in December, the real cold weather also came suddenly. Many car owners choose to heat up their cars for a long time, which is not only not beneficial, but also will aggravate the generation of carbon deposits and cost fuel and money. In fact, you should drive slowly in gear after the speed drops to the normal area, and then drive in high gear after the water temperature rises

things like refuelling

our drivers are lazy and don't pay attention to the position of the fuel gauge every time, which causes the fuel gauge to go to the gas station only after it reaches the red line or even calls the police. The oil pump motor uses gasoline to cool down, and the low oil level cannot cover it. This crisis will follow, which will affect its heat dissipation and reduce its service life

as I said just now, it is actually disadvantageous to heat up the car in place for a long time in winter. On the contrary, it is also wrong to rush the oil and gear up after starting. The oil pump has just started to work when it was just started, and the internal parts of the engine have not been completely covered by oil. At this time, the suspension system, gearbox and other components are also in a low temperature state, and high-speed and high gear will damage these parts

drive slowly in a new car

this is a piece of advice for new drivers. Running a new car under full load will cause an excessive burden on the suspension system. In the first 2000 kilometers, the load of the new car should not exceed 75% of the rated load. In addition, we should try to choose a better road surface to avoid excessive bumps on the body and suspension

frozen brushes and mouths

in winter, the temperature is low, so the sprinkler and wiper are likely to be frozen. At this time, if you have to force it to work, the wiper water jet pump and motor may be damaged. Most of the time, the problem is found when it is used. If there is snow on the window at this time, wipe it off with a car duster first. After driving on the road, when the water temperature rises, blow the front windscreen with warm wind, and the snow will naturally melt away slowly

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