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The 2013 yingweiteng UPS ceramics industry technology exchange meeting was a complete success

on July 25, 2013, the 2013 yingweiteng UPS ceramics industry technology exchange meeting hosted by yingweiteng power and hosted by Qingyuan Xinhui automation equipment Co., Ltd. came to a successful conclusion in Qingyuan

the meeting was presided over by you Yong, general manager of yingweiteng power supply company, and Xu Hui, deputy general manager. The meeting held heated discussions and technical exchanges on solving the problems of safety and losses caused by lightning, electrical instability and other factors in the ceramic industry. At the meeting, the complete set of solutions of NVIDIA UPS in the industry and the successful development case of multi jet integration technology attracted the attention of many customers in the industry and won the recognition and favor of many manufacturers in the ceramic industry. 1900 suppliers provided parts and related services. The atmosphere was warm. The ceramic manufacturers interacted actively with President you, president Xu and President Zhong of our company, and answered the difficult problems raised by the ceramic manufacturers in reality

this meeting promoted more comprehensive communication and understanding between NVIDIA power and ceramic manufacturers, and expanded the influence of NVIDIA power in the ceramic industry. NVIDIA power focuses on the common development with its partners. Thank customers in the industry for their support and attention to NVIDIA power. I hope this activity can bring more practical value to customers

I would like to thank the representatives of the manufacturers participating in the meeting. Let's think it's a good thing for us. The other end is fixed close to the fuselage and pressed the opportunity by hand. We work together to seek common development and create the future

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