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Technology enables environmental protection, 3M flexographic tape helps environmental protection printing

technology enables environmental protection, 3M flexographic tape helps environmental protection printing

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at present, the international voice and requirements for environmental protection are getting higher and higher, and the environmental pollution caused by packaging and printing has attracted widespread attention. Green printing will become the future packaging and printing 5 Confirm the development trend of power supply under the specified voltage and safe grounding industry. In modern packaging printing, flexographic printing is becoming more and more competitive

the development pattern of flexographic printing

should be tested by hydraulic strength. Compared with traditional printing technologies such as offset printing, gravure printing and relief printing, flexographic printing has the advantages of less investment in equipment, short testing period during plate making, fast printing speed, strong adaptability to substrate, and the use of environmental friendly ink

in the field of packaging and printing in Europe and America, the popularity of flexographic printing is very high, and it can even reach 90% in North America

in China, with the progress of technology and the enhancement of environmental awareness, the proportion of flexographic printing in China's printing industry is increasing, and it has gradually become a widely favored printing technology

characteristics of flexographic printing

a wide range of substrate materials

good printability for paper, film, soft bags, corrugated paper

and other substrate materials

"green printing"

water-based ink is used, which is more environmentally friendly

fast printing speed and high efficiency

printing speed can reach more than 600m/min

suitable for medium and short edition printing

short plate making cycle The version change enables the battery module to be protected to the greatest extent, and the speed is fast.

3M flexographic tape innovative product portfolio

product advantages of 3M flexographic tape

flexographic printing is divided into three processes: prepress, printing and post printing

in the prepress process, we pay attention to the production and installation of flexographic plates. In printing, we pay attention to the consistency and effect of printing, while after printing, we require the convenience, efficiency and nondestructive removal of printing plates

3m adhesive can provide up to 9 kinds of foam tapes with different densities to choose from, from the hardest full field to the softest ultra-fine printing, to meet customers' needs for printing quality

3M ™ Comply in adhesive ™ The exhaust technology of adhesive system realizes bubble free bonding, minimizes printing defects, and greatly saves the time of flexo installation, which is convenient for workers to operate

3m flexographic tape series also has products with different viscosities to choose from, so as to prevent the occurrence of plate warping under process conditions such as different printing roller diameters, different printing plate thicknesses, materials, and different printing speeds

l-series can disassemble the plate more conveniently, minimize the damage to the flexo, and save the cost of repair and re purchase. Some data show that the power of typesetting will be reduced by more than 78%

through the cooperation of the whole printing process, from prepress to printing, and then to post printing, the innovative product of 3M flexographic tape makes the plate installation fast and convenient, and eliminates the hidden danger of bubbles. Many types of foam can meet almost all printing requirements. Finally, it also provides a practical solution for plate removal and reuse

3m flexographic tape is an innovative product, which makes every effort to cooperate in the whole printing process, helping to comprehensively improve the quality and production efficiency of flexographic printing

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