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Technology creates value, and Flowserve makes a special contribution to the BMW Shanghai exhibition

technology creates value that should be cleaned. Fuchs' participation in Shanghai BMW exhibition is a special contribution

China Construction Machinery Information

"Chinese construction machinery manufacturers are playing a more and more important leading role in the international engineering market and open pit market. The globalization of the construction machinery industry has put forward higher requirements for lubricating oil products. Products that meet the world's prevailing emission regulations and the chemical registration requirements of various countries are being welcomed by more and more enterprises. As the lubrication partner of Chinese OEM customers, we provide comprehensive services for equipment end customers In addition to the traditional engine oil, Fuchs also provides fuel-saving hydraulic oil, long-term transmission oil, grease and maintenance products to ensure the smooth operation of customer equipment. "

-- Carsten Meyer, executive vice president of global OEM of Flowserve lubricants

"Now the environment of the whole domestic construction machinery industry is still not optimistic, so customers will have higher requirements for the efficiency of machinery operation, but this is our opportunity. In the face of the severe environment of the construction machinery industry, if the response method is to save costs only by purchasing cheap products, this direction is fundamentally wrong. For us, the better way is to save unnecessary costs, only by creating high costs Value can meet the challenges of the entire industry. "

-- Dr. Andre Bastian, vice president of sales of Fuchs China industrial oil

from November 22 to 25, 2016, the engineering machinery division of Fuchs oil group appeared at Bauma China 2016 with its series of products to provide users in the industry with a comprehensive one-stop lubrication solution covering engine oil, speed change box oil, gear oil, hydraulic oil, grease and maintenance products. As an important prelude to the BMW exhibition, 2016 Flowserve open pit mine and engineering machinery lubrication technology day was grandly held in Shanghai on November 16. In addition to the most complete product lineup, what kind of technological innovation storm will Fuchs, the world's leading lubrication expert, set off? How will we drive into the fast lane of development with excellent innovation genes and create greater value for Chinese OEM customers with low viscosity of PVC SG (7) or PVC SG (8)

as a long-term strategic partner of Flowserve lubricants, China Construction Machinery Information () specially planned the special contribution of "Flowserve lubricants heavily landed at BMW Shanghai Exhibition"

scan the above QR code to listen to the sharing of two top experts, Carsten Meyer, executive vice president of EM and Dr. Andre Bastian, vice president of sales of Fuchs industrial oil in China, on the current situation of natural bio based high molecular materials industry in Fuchs lubricants global o, and see the express delivery of Fuchs gear oil, hydraulic oil and other new products and the latest investment promotion strategies

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