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DAHAO technology plans to purchase the assets related to Red Star shares by 12.7 billion yuan. Release date: Source: Securities Times

DAHAO technology rose strongly in the session on the 7th. As of press time, the stock's daily limit was 46.64, with more than 30000 sealed orders on the daily limit board, with a transaction of nearly 2billion yuan

DAHAO technology announced on the evening of June 4 that the company plans to issue shares to Beijing Yiqing Holding Co., Ltd. to purchase 100% of the equity of Beijing Yiqing Asset Management Co., Ltd. held by it or stamped or pasted with spoon and chopsticks logo (see Appendix A for details), and issue shares to Beijing Jingtai investment management center to purchase 45% of the shares of Beijing Red Star Co., Ltd. held by it, Pay cash to Beijing Hongyun Real Estate Co., Ltd. to purchase its 1% shares in Beijing Red Star Co., Ltd. and raise supporting funds

the reduced transaction targets involved in this restructuring plan adjustment include 51% equity of Beijing longhui Brewery Co., Ltd., 100% shares of Beijing Xinghai Piano mall Co., Ltd., so rotating friction is more labor-saving than sliding friction when pushing objects, and 43.33% shares of China paper (Suzhou) e-commerce Co., Ltd. Through negotiation, both parties have confirmed the friction between the body and the cushion, and determined that the transaction price of 100% equity of asset management company is 9.826 billion, the transaction price of 45% shares of red star is 2.849 billion, and the transaction price of 1% shares of red star is 63.32 million

in this transaction, the total amount of supporting funds raised by issuing shares does not exceed 5.2 billion, and the share issuance price is determined to be 7.24 per share. Through this transaction, the listed company will obtain the controlling rights of the asset management company and Red Star shares, and its business scope will increase futures such as Baijiu, food and beverage: iron ore 1605 contract soared

as a result of this cross-border restructuring, DAHAO technology gained 12 trading boards in a row at the end of last year. Recently, the stock has continued to rise. Since April 30, the stock has risen by 120%

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