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Don't say I didn't tell you that the top ten events in the coating industry in 2016 are here.

the past few days have passed, and 2016 has quietly come to an end. In this year, the prices of raw materials have soared continuously, environmental protection policies have been gradually increased, and the coating industry has been continuously integrated... Looking back on 2016, how many things happened in the coating industry. Among them, there are always some key events that have become the historical turning point of the coating industry and promote the industry to continue to move forward

today, please review what major events occurred in 2016 that affected the development of the coating industry. Think about it before and after, or benefit from the test data shown above for the planning of the enterprise for the new year

water based coatings were "delisted" by the national directory of hazardous wastes (2016 Edition)

on June 14, 2016, the national directory of hazardous wastes (2016 Edition) was released to the society by the Ministry of environmental protection, the national development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of public security, and will be implemented from August 1, 2016. The revision of the new catalogue adheres to the problem orientation and follows the principles of continuity, practicality and dynamics. It not only adjusts the catalogue of hazardous wastes, but also adds the list of exemption management of hazardous wastes

for a long time, the waste produced in the production and use of water-based coatings has been classified as hazardous waste, affecting the promotion and application of water-based coatings in China. After the reaction of China coating industry association with the Ministry of environmental protection and other relevant national ministries and commissions for many times, the entry of "excluding water-based paint" is added to the entry of hazardous waste generated in the production and use of paint in the national directory of hazardous waste (2016 Edition), that is, the waste generated in the production and use of water-based paint will not be listed as hazardous waste

comments: at present, the development of water-based paint has become an irresistible trend. Compared with traditional paint, water-based paint has stricter requirements on technology and production process, and it is difficult to implement it without policy support. The revision and implementation of the national catalogue of hazardous wastes will promote the scientific and refined management of hazardous wastes, and play an important role in preventing environmental risks of hazardous wastes and improving the quality of ecological environment, At the same time, it can speed up the promotion of water-based coatings

Xuanwei acquires Valspar to become the world's largest paint manufacturer

Xuanwei, the largest paint retailer in the United States, said it agreed to acquire rival Valspar with about $9.3 billion in cash (US dollars) to become the world's largest paint manufacturer. Xuanwei company recently announced that it would pay $113 A share, about 35% higher than the closing price of $83.83. At that time, the market value of Valspar reached $6.630 billion

the report points out that the transaction has been unanimously approved by the boards of directors of the two companies. It is understood that the quotation of Xuanwei is 41% higher than the average share price of Valspar in the past 30 days (as of March 18). Both companies are listed on relevant stock exchanges in the United States

comments: according to the sales ranking of the world's top coating manufacturing enterprises in 2015, the top five giants in the global coating industry are PPG, AkzoNobel, Xuanwei, aishide and Valspar. Through this acquisition, the pattern of how strong the global coating industry is (Xuanwei coating) (PPG industry, AkzoNobel, aishide) will appear

Guangdong issued the country's first container manufacturing emission standard

recently, Guangdong Province's "container manufacturing volatile organic compounds emission standard" (hereinafter referred to as the "standard") was officially announced by the provincial environmental protection department, which will be implemented from July 1 this year. During the implementation of the standard, existing projects and new projects are distinguished, and the existing projects have a one-year transition period. From July 1 next year, all container manufacturing projects will implement unified emission standards

liaochenghao, deputy director of the Institute of Atmospheric Research of Guangdong Academy of Environmental Sciences, said, "this is the first local emission standard for container manufacturing in Guangdong and the first in China." Prior to this, Guangdong also made a pilot and formulated local emission standards for VOCs in many typical industries, such as furniture manufacturing, packaging and printing

comments: since 1994, China has been firmly ranked as the largest country in "container manufacturing", and a large number of VOCs will be generated in the coating process. Guangdong Province has issued the first emission standard for container manufacturing industry, which has set an example nationwide, and has promoted the process of "changing oil into water" of containers in China to a certain extent

114 professional qualifications have been cancelled! The professional qualification certification of coating workers is listed

"decorators" under "decorators" and "workpiece surface treatment plus the EU's proposal to increase the proportion of industry in GDP from the current 15.1% to 20% of workers in 2020" under "decorators" are the most concerned by people in the paint industry

comments: on the one hand, canceling the professional qualification certification of coating workers is conducive to attracting coating talents, establishing a sound and complete coating team for the industry, and it is also an additional opportunity for individual labor force; On the other hand, even though the current coating market is chaotic, the best one wins in the end. Coating personnel should put aside hardware concerns such as qualification certificates and focus on improving coating skills. Coating enterprises should also adhere to the integration of coating and coating, strengthen coating technology training, and jointly promote the progress of coating and coating services

sankeshu landed in the first share of civil coating

on June 3, 2016, with the golden gong of Shanghai Stock Exchange, sankeshu coating Co., Ltd. (603737sh) was listed, and the stock rose by 43.98% at the moment of opening! Since then, sankeshu health paint has entered the capital market and embarked on another journey of innovation and benefit

listing is a butterfly leap for three trees, and it is also a long-awaited germination. As Hongjie, the founder of sankeshu, said, "if you don't forget your original intention, you can always get it. Sankeshu's competitiveness lies in ecological culture, green brands, high-quality products and reliable services. Sankeshu officially entered the capital market, and will gather more and better development resources while accepting the challenge, so as to provide more good products and services for the people."

comments: as the first share of civil coatings, the listing of sankeshu is undoubtedly of great significance. The listing of three trees is a butterfly leap, but also a long-awaited germination

the first national standard for children's interior wall paint is expected to be officially implemented next year

in 2016, the national standard for interior wall paint for children's room decoration jointly developed by garberry and the national paint and pigment Standardization Technical Committee has passed the vote and is expected to be formally implemented next year

for the water-based coating developed for the characteristics of children's weak resistance, the national standard "interior wall coating for children's room decoration" has far more stringent requirements on environmental protection indicators than the existing national standards and environmental protection standards. It has set up 17 indicator projects covering comprehensive stain resistance, VOC, soluble heavy metals, and is in line with the international development trend. It has introduced the asbestos project for the first time, as well as a new formaldehyde test method, Make the content of the standard more comprehensive and scientific

comments: since the introduction of children's paint in China, various media have raised many doubts about the environmental protection and health of children's paint. Many media have reported that paint merchants are playing the flag of "children" just to meet the consumer psychology of consumers. It is difficult to distinguish the true and false of children's paint and ensure its quality. After the implementation of the new standard, the children's paint market will be better regulated

sorry! The price of paint products will also start to rise

since October, many coating enterprises have begun to be unable to withstand the rising cost pressure of raw materials, and have successively announced the adjustment of product prices. Different products increased by 0 Yuan/kg

in the face of excessive price increases in China's bulk raw material market, AkzoNobel, Ashtar Huajia, Jotun and other enterprises also announced price increases in coatings


AkzoNobel powder coating continues to rise crazily now

crazily continue, Aishi de Huajia announced to raise the price of powder coating products

Jotun powder coating price is rising with the rising price tide

comments: with the rising price of raw materials, supply shortages, the impact of new transportation policies, and the intervention of environmental protection policies, the cost pressure of coating enterprises is increasing, and it is understandable to adjust the product price. In the process of price rise, the road of coating enterprises may be more difficult, but it undoubtedly plays a positive role in the market reshuffle

Nippon China and long run fat group reached a strategic cooperation agreement

on September 7, 2016, Nippon China and long run fat paint group, a well-known enterprise in China's furniture paint industry, reached a strategic cooperation agreement. The two sides will work together to promote the innovation and development of China's furniture paint market

it is reported that this is another major acquisition project of Nippon China in the Chinese paint market after the acquisition of xiupo and oulong

comments: the strategic cooperation between Nippon and RT mart will be committed to exploring the sustainable development of furniture paint brands in the general environment, driving brand development with technological innovation and service system improvement, and ultimately benefiting the vast number of dealers and terminal furniture factory customers, injecting infinite possibilities into the rapid development of the furniture paint industry

the environmental storm has set off a "bloody storm" in the coating industry.

since the beginning of December, the central environmental protection supervision work has been fully launched. I know that the eight Central Environmental Protection supervisors themselves belong to a locking organization inspection group, and they are divided into eight provinces and regions, including Inner Mongolia, Heilongjiang, Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Guangdong, Guangxi, Yunnan, Ningxia, to carry out environmental protection supervision work

as a traditional chemical industry, facing the strong attack of environmental protection storm, it is inevitable to be monitored by the local environmental protection department, and the production of coating products will also be affected


Guangdong has received a total of 1667 pieces transferred by the central environmental protection supervision group

[the strictest rectification!] 793 chemical enterprises in Foshan were shut down and 5 people were arrested

comments: at present, under the background of serious environmental pollution, the determination of the state to control pollution is gradually emerging through policy adjustment. More national management policies for heavily polluting enterprises have been issued one after another. The next five years will be full of good news for the development of environmental protection enterprises such as water paint

wallpaper "war" diatom mud market needs benign competition and supervision

diatom mud, a new environmental protection wall material known for its green, has developed at a rapid rate since it entered the Chinese market. Especially in recent years, the development of diatom mud is obvious to all. However, the fierce market competition has led to vicious competition events in different industries. Recently, the diatom mud branch of China Building Decoration Materials Association angrily sued the official account "wallpaper information". The association believed that "wallpaper information" had "blackened" diatom mud through articles, affecting the development of the industry, and the situation continued to ferment

comments: diatom mud and wallpaper have their own characteristics, as well as consumer usage habits, which is better or worse has not yet been decided, so we can only comment that the two functions are similar, but not the same; Radishes and vegetables are loved by consumers. As a consumer, of course, I hope to buy good products under the benign market competition; As an enterprise, I also hope

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