Don't pollute ningdiu papermaking project in Huimi

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Recently, a paper project with a total investment of 250million yuan was rejected by Madian town of Huimin County because it failed to pass the demonstration of pollution control facilities. "Although we are eager for projects, as long as there is pollution, we don't want any big projects." Wang Zhenhua, Secretary of the Party committee of the town, said that casting refers to making molds as quickly as possible. Last year, Huimin County Government issued a special notice, requiring all towns and units to effectively improve their awareness of environmental protection in the process of attracting investment, and not to introduce small (indigenous) production projects such as papermaking, tanning, refining and clinical utilization of oil whose water temperature is lower than the set temperature, bleaching and dyeing, electroplating, pesticides, and radioactive products that seriously pollute the environment. Since the formulation of the document, the county has rejected hundreds of such pollution projects. The county also thoroughly renovated the original pollution sources

in recent years, the county has issued a deadline treatment plan for 45 large sewage discharge households, such as distilleries and paper mills. Under the supervision of the local government, all the 45 enterprises have embarked on sewage treatment projects, and the county environmental protection department has dispatched supervisors to key pollution sources. In order to centrally treat the domestic sewage and some substandard production sewage in the county, Huimin County is starting to build a sewage treatment plant with a daily treatment capacity of 30000 tons and an investment of 44.64 million yuan. The first phase of the project is expected to be completed by the end of this year. The project has been included in the "national Bohai blue sea action" national debt investment project plan by the national development and Reform Commission. The county government issued a ban notice on the small enterprises banned by the state during the Tenth Five-Year Plan period, and the environmental protection department intensified its inspection and crackdown, and resolutely banned them after discovery. At present, more than 20 such illegal enterprises have been closed down and banned in the county due to the comparability of the relative error expression of the measurement results. In addition, more than 40 deputies to the National People's Congress, members of the CPPCC and township heads have been hired as social supervisors of environmental protection to supervise environmental pollution and environmental law enforcement

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