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Suzhou Zixing paper technology demonstration project

Zixing paper is a 100000 ton high-grade coated coated coated paper project jointly invested by Suzhou Light Industry Bureau and Hong Kong Zhanxing group with another US $240million. The paper-making production line of the project is all imported from Valmet company of Finland, which has advanced paper-making equipment in the 1990s. The whole production process realizes automatic control (DCS) and quality scanning monitoring (QCS). Physical quantity of the project: 688 sets of production process equipment, with a total weight of 5000t. Among them, the main equipment is 1 paper machine and 1 coating machine, 2 Super calenders, rewinds and paper cutters, 56608m process pipelines, 786 electrical equipment and 736 instruments. Cable tray is 11370m, electrical instrument piping is 28450m, and all kinds of cables are 228600m

the project was designed by Changsha Design Institute of the Ministry of light industry. Our company undertook the installation project with an installation workload of US $140 million. It was started in October 1993 and completed in December 1996

the project has complex technology, high technical content and great construction difficulty. Its main characteristics are:

(L) fast speed. The speed of paper machine and coating locomotive reaches 1000 m/min and ll50 M/min respectively, which is far higher than the current domestic 600m/min, and the paper width is 3.8m. The speed and width of paper are the highest in Asia

(2) the whole production line has long linear distribution and high installation accuracy. The straight-line distribution of paper machine and coating machine is 360m, and the center error of the whole line is only 2mm

(3) if the foundation accidentally bounces small parts, the column adopts the new adjustable node manufacturing and installation technology. In order to prevent uneven settlement of the foundation caused by uneven dynamic load during equipment operation and ensure that the horizontal error of the whole production line is within 2mm, all foundation columns are disconnected from the middle and connected up and down with steel adjustable points to make the whole foundation beam dynamically adjustable

(4) the one-time embedding amount of foundation bolts is large. 748 and 646 anchor bolt guns of paper machine and coating machine are respectively embedded on two parallel foundation beams. The installation accuracy requires that the allowable deviation of horizontal position is only ± 3mm relative to the longitudinal and transverse axis of the paper machine, and the allowable deviation of elevation is only 0 ~ 10mm

(5) large installation area without sizing block. The foundation plates in two 360m long foundation beams are installed without pad iron. The secondary grouting material is imported from masterflow8098 made in Australia, which has excellent performance, but the grouting procedure is complex

(6) slurry pipelines and hydraulic system pipelines are thin-walled stainless steel pipelines. Stainless steel pulse tungsten argon arc welding technology is adopted for welding to ensure the smoothness of the inner wall of the pipe welding

(7) the paper machine coupling is aligned with long distance, large quantity, complete specifications and high alignment accuracy

2. Introduction to the application and implementation of science and technology promotion projects

2.1 installation technology of paper machine and coating machine without sizing block

paper machine and coating machine are the core equipment of high-end Coated coated paper production line, with a production line length of 360m and 280 base plates installed. The levelness between each foundation plate and adjacent foundation plates shall be 0.05mm. The installation method without pad iron is adopted. At the same time, in order to overcome the insufficient quality of three times of grouting during the installation without pad iron in the past, we use a new grouting material masterflow8098 from Australia, which has the following characteristics: ① good liquidity; ② No scalability; ③ Heat resistance and durability; ④ High strength characteristics

installation process features without sizing block:

(1) it is suitable for the installation of equipment with large installation area and high-speed operation due to the large amount of application of the jaws of the hydraulic universal experimental machine

(2) high installation accuracy and good quality can improve the service life of the equipment

(3) save materials, shorten construction period, reduce costs and improve benefits

2.2 application of heat shrinkable cable and accessory technology

heat shrinkable cable head has the characteristics of small volume, light weight, reliable performance, simple and rapid production, etc. We adopted this technology in Zixing project and prepared the manufacturing process of 36kV cross-linked cable terminal. This technology has been popularized and applied in 36kV cross-linked polyethylene cables such as vacuum pump room, air compressor room and beating section. A total of 36 heat shrinkable cable heads have been made. After electrical performance test and detection, the quality has all met the requirements of specifications and standards

2.3 application of microcomputer network planning technology

in view of the tight construction period, large quantities and many cross construction operations of the project, it is also designed and constructed at the same time. Through the selection and comparison of various network software, we choose the network software of Beijing Menglong technology development company. This network technology is an intelligent software developed by using high-tech means and suitable for various project construction management. It provides a scientific, advanced and fast tool for the application of network technology. In the process of implementation, from the first level to the second level network, and even the third level network, we adopt the cycle of formulation → implementation → tracking → feedback → adjustment → implementation, use the network technology software to adjust the construction hours in time, constantly optimize the labor resources, according to the network plan, issue monthly, weekly and daily work plans, set progress control points, firmly grasp the paper machine installation, and understand this red line from the exhibition, so that the computer network plan is accurate, vivid The advantage of quickness has been applied to the construction, which has contributed to the timely delivery of the project

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