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The theme seminar of "technology automation world 2013 (spring) helps the equipment manufacturing industry enter the smart factory" was successfully concluded

on March 22, the theme seminar of Technology Automation World 2013 (spring) helps the equipment manufacturing industry enter the smart factory, hosted by China technology automation alliance and co organized by more than 10 alliance member enterprises such as Ouchen automation, was successfully held and successfully concluded in Kempinski Hotel, Nanshan District, Shenzhen

this seminar invites technical experts from first-class scientific research institutions such as the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Tsinghua University, technical product experts from the alliance of scientific and technological automation, and technical leaders from leading equipment manufacturing enterprises to analyze relevant national policies, share advanced ideas, listen to user needs, bring users a wealth of product cases and product solutions, and answer their questions on product research and development, technical standards Various puzzles and problems in innovation and cooperation

an automated demonstration system is placed outside the venue to show the application of the latest automation technology in equipment. There was an endless stream of visitors in the exhibition area, and the atmosphere was extremely warm

the seminar also has three sub forums, which are: focus on industry, University and research, rebuild enterprise competitiveness - product research and development and technical cooperation in the smart factory environment, realize the overall performance leap with advanced technology and standards - advanced technology and standards in the smart factory, and if you want to do well, you must first use its tools - advanced products and application examples under the smart factory conditions. In the sub forum, experts and enterprise representatives conducted heated discussions and exchanges around the topic. In addition, a reliable and safe matching gap with ordinary rib is set up, which is difficult to adjust. Since 2013, Guoliang copper launched the research and development project of copper alloy new materials with high thermal conductivity, there has been a one-to-one expert consultation area. Technical experts such as innovative design, automation, electromechanical and control provide free one-to-one consultation to participants, Solve a series of bottlenecks and problems encountered by equipment manufacturing enterprises in the whole process of production, start the experimental machine for experiments, create a good communication atmosphere, deeply tap the needs of enterprises, and seek the best mode of serving enterprises

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