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the achievements of investment attraction in our city this year are obvious to all. The amount of investment attraction in the first 10 months is close to the sum of the previous two years. But in the interview, I have a deep feeling that there are still many weak links in the packaging of some major investment projects, which affect and restrict the in-depth development of investment promotion in our city

from the perspective of the current introduced projects in our city, there are many new projects for land acquisition, and few projects for reconstruction and improvement using the original foundation; There are many foreign investment projects and few successful ones. The concepts and practices of paying attention to investment invitation, neglecting packaging, emphasizing publicity, and ignoring comprehensive analysis and benefit analysis will produce complex micro interactions between the two surfaces, and the friction action has not changed. The projects launched for investment promotion are generally lack of packaging, which is often a piece of paper and a few lines of words. It is very simple. There is neither necessary project demonstration and market and benefit analysis, nor the supporting policy support given by the project construction, so it is impossible to connect, let alone carry out substantive operations

the packaging of a major project should have a set of very strict, scientific and standardized procedures, but in the actual operation process, we often ignore this point. I have participated in several project promotion conferences, and the following is the tested sample, which is still "key foreign investment projects", but most of these projects are not operable. A project, some of which are even in the design and planning, simply does not have the conditions for outward launch. It is like talking on paper, and its practicality is not strong. There are still many things to be done to really enter the substantive operation stage

in fact, such problems are common throughout the country. Some time ago, I participated in the economic and Trade Fair of a province in Shandong and got several investment promotion materials in the exhibition hall, some of which were thick. But after opening, I found that this manual is at best a project introduction. Finding that a project has great investment potential, I want to interview the person in charge of the project. Unfortunately, the person in charge is not at the promotion site at all, and others can't talk about why. In this way, the investment attraction looks magnificent on the surface, but no one cares after the meeting, let alone the in-depth understanding and follow-up of the project. If the launch of a project is not in accordance with strict procedures, without relevant project initiation, approval, expected investment, short-term, medium-term and long-term planning, as well as the payback period of benefits, the project is not scientific and complete. If we recommend such projects to guests, it will not be negative, but also damage our own long-term development

many enterprises in our city have also set up investment promotion pages on their own stations, but it is unknown how effective they can be. On the station of a machinery manufacturing enterprise, I saw that the investment invitation information of the enterprise was no more than 200 words, only a simple project introduction, cooperation mode, expected investment amount, etc., but there was no mention about the project demonstration, market and benefit analysis, and there was no supporting policy support given by the project construction. Foreign investors could only be confused

in fact, the process of packaging is also a process of attracting investment. Nizhichun, director of the investment promotion management office of the municipal development and Reform Commission, told that the key to the packaging of a project is to see what the investor wants, and then package it according to the needs of the other party, so that the project can be successfully launched. For some relevant market research and analysis, benefit analysis, possible problems in project implementation and corresponding countermeasures, etc., these highly technical works, especially in the international community, are usually operated by professional companies. It is our lack of these professional things that greatly reduces the feasibility of promoting the project

information source: Shun Jinan

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