Don't stare at Iran's oil market and quietly show

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Don't watch Iran's oil market quietly appear big positive

don't watch Iran's oil market quietly appear big positive

May 16, 2018

[China paint information]

just when the world is paying attention to Iran's crude oil, the biggest story of the market this year may be China

since this year, China's demand growth has been higher than expected. According to Goldman Sachs, China's crude oil demand growth in the first quarter may be the highest since the fourth quarter of 2010

last year, China surpassed the United States to become the world's largest crude oil importer, and has been the world's largest crude oil consumer for nine consecutive years

in expanding oil refining capacity, China has relaxed restrictions on crude oil imports and refined oil products exports

according to estimates, China's crude oil imports for the first heavy load season rose by 7% to about 9.09 million barrels per day

China is also quite intuitive about the global demand for crude oil. The heavy waste price in Hebei is very important at 1510 ⑴ 560 yuan/ton. If the current growth rate is maintained, it will be a strong support for oil prices

proofreading: calm down and aim to replace imports

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