The hottest technology ethics problems caused by a

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Technical ethics problems caused by AI

technical ethics problems caused by AI

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original title: technical ethics problems caused by AI

with the progress of AI technology, will AI machines threaten the survival safety of human beings? Can fairness be guaranteed by handing over complex human social affairs to artificial intelligence machines? Most importantly, as a new technological revolution, how should human beings grasp AI

AI imagined more than a decade ago has now arrived, such as alphago, a go program developed by Google that defeated the world go champion, and Tesla, which has driven 2 low viscosity PVA products within a year, with a sales volume of 5500 tons Autopilot, a 200million mile driverless car model, and Alibaba Xiaomi, Alibaba's leading customer service provider during the "double 11", have invaded our lives

we can perceive the intrusion of AI products from the following four aspects

(1) AI technology is progressing day by day. The technology here includes three levels: first, big data technology; Second, machine learning and deep learning algorithm; Third, more powerful computer technology

(2) the application field of artificial intelligence is gradually expanding. It gradually extends to the fields of language translation, automatic driving, image recognition, speech recognition, disease diagnosis, consulting services, personalized recommendation and so on

(3) attracting more and more investment. With the development of artificial intelligence, the investment direction of investment institutions has shifted from the field of science and technology to the field of artificial intelligence, and many technology companies have also begun to transform and develop to artificial intelligence companies. For example, Google, Facebook and other five technology giants jointly established the artificial intelligence Alliance on September 28, 2016

(4) countries began to release national strategies for AI. In October 2016, the United States announced its national AI strategy, the national ai r & D strategic plan of the United States, which stipulates the development of AI from seven aspects, providing a good social and policy environment for the development of AI. In addition to the United States, Britain, Japan, India and other countries have also released AI development strategies

but at present, AI is still in its infancy, and it will take a long time to develop to the advanced stage - "think and act like a human"

the development of productive forces and the promotion of industrial automation are driven by industrial revolutions and technological revolutions. Artificial intelligence can be said to be the fourth industrial revolution. From the perspective of the law of social development, there is no doubt that this industrial revolution can have a beneficial impact on social development

first, artificial intelligence will promote the development of industrial automation, promote the effective improvement of social labor productivity, and thus promote economic development; Secondly, AI will promote the effective upgrading of public services, extending from ICT to medical treatment, education, government work and other fields, making work services more efficient and fast; Finally, artificial intelligence will contribute to environmental protection and endangered species protection, and make a great contribution to the construction of sustainable development ecology

however, the industrial revolution is a "double-edged sword", and so is the new technological revolution of artificial intelligence, which will bring great benefits and many hidden dangers, as shown in Figure 1

Figure 1 hidden dangers brought by artificial intelligence

first, hidden machine discrimination. At this stage, either machine learning algorithm or deep learning algorithm can determine the behavior of users, such as what videos to watch and what songs to listen to; It can even determine the subject and specific amount of loans and relief funds. Recommend friends for users, automatically recommend products for users according to search records, evaluate users' credit, evaluate candidates' abilities, and evaluate crime risks. More and more human activities are handed over to artificial intelligence machines. We believe that artificial intelligence machines are fair, but whether artificial intelligence machines are fair or not is unknown, in which there are huge hidden dangers of fairness

second, security and privacy should not be ignored. AI relies on algorithms, but algorithms are opaque and unpredictable, which increases the probability of AI regulation out of control, resulting in a series of security problems. For example, in 2015, the robot attack on the staff of Volkswagen manufacturing plant in Germany; Google's driverless car collided with a bus in 2016. How to make it clear after these AI wounding events? How to minimize the potential safety hazards caused by more technical articles and knowledge about friction and wear testing machine of artificial intelligence? Please refer to Shandong Sida high tech station information or call the sales technician of crowdsource to give you a detailed introduction of relevant technical knowledge? In addition, with the development of artificial intelligence, more and more data will be collected and used, and how to protect data security is also a major challenge

third, the control of intelligent machines. With the development of artificial intelligence, human beings will hand more work to artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence learns and simulates human thoughts and behaviors. When the intelligence of artificial intelligence exceeds human beings and human beings cannot control artificial intelligence, whether artificial intelligence will control human beings in turn is a very important question

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