Reusable plastic bottle caps provide a solution fo

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Reusable plastic bottle caps provide solutions for recycling

the clever caps plastic bottle caps designed by the Brazilian packaging company CL are important markets concerned about the development of plastic utilization. The clever caps plastic bottle caps can be reused, which is of great environmental significance and can be called a new way of environmental protection

clever pack claims that its plastic bottle cap has two life meanings as soon as it leaves the factory: the first is an effective plastic material filling system; The second is a plastic fixing block matched with other bottle caps, similar to Lego blocks on sale

the safety sealing performance of clever caps is outstanding. At present, this kind of bottle cap has been adopted for the bottleneck of finish pco1881

clever pack indicates that creating a reusable product can greatly reduce the impact of tensile damage rather than impact damage on the environment, because this plastic bottle cap does not have to be recycled after use, and can be reused directly. The environmental footprint left is very small, which is economically feasible, and can also be transformed into toys, art tools and instruments for poor children to improve the international competitiveness of advanced basic materials, Encourage environmental awareness

on its official website, clever pack showed a variety of works piled up by its clever caps bottle caps, including stationery boxes, toy cars, key holders and even high stools

clever pack was founded four years ago and has won a series of awards for its product creativity. The company said it hopes to cooperate with domestic and foreign companies to accelerate business expansion through authorization

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