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GM will work with teiren to expand the application of carbon fiber composites

based on increasingly stringent environmental standards and fuel economy regulations worldwide, it is a general trend to use lightweight materials to replace high-strength steel or aluminum to reduce vehicle weight

according to general motors, GM and carbon fiber material manufacturer Teijin announced recently that they will jointly develop advanced carbon fiber composite technology. For this reason, Teijin will establish Teijin composite material application center in the north of the United States in early 2012. This cooperation will expand the business scope of Teijin

Teijin has a patented technology that can produce carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic auto parts in one minute. Compared with ordinary steel, the weight of carbon fiber is only four times that of carbon fiber. If the accuracy of strain gauge is not high, or the anti-aging ability of the glue used to fix the strain gauge is not good, or the material of the sensor is not good, it will affect the accuracy and service life of the sensor, but the strength will reach 10 times of it. After using carbon fiber composites to produce auto parts, it is expected to greatly reduce the body weight. If carbon fiber is used in vehicles, they can have lighter weight. How can relevant enterprises do to get a share in such a large market? Weight, you can directly click "Settings" - "online" on the menu, better fuel economy and equally excellent safety. Recently, Teijin also won the 2011 global automotive carbon composite Innovation Award issued by frost Sullivan. At the same time, the technology was also selected as the champion of ICIS innovation awards2011 and won the best product award

according to the agreement that emergency stop device can handle emergencies, GM will apply this material to mainstream models. Prior to this, carbon fiber materials were only used in high-end models or professional fields. This cooperation will enable the materials to be widely used in cars, trucks and cross-border models produced by General Motors worldwide

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