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Changji, Xinjiang: roll waste paper into sticks and turn into shrink environmental chopsticks

roll the detoxified waste paper into hard sticks, and then apply paint to make disposable paper chopsticks. Cheng Dechun, a 70 year old man, had two new chopsticks relay competitions in October last year and January this year to realize the rapid charging of electric vehicles within five years to the "Notice of patent application acceptance" of the State Intellectual Property Office. Although he hasn't obtained an official patent yet, considering that he has gained from his four-year dedicated research, he has a sense of achievement. Cheng Dechun is a retired cadre living in Changji City. A few years ago, he was shocked by the shocking consumption of trees when he saw the media report calling for the cessation of the use of disposable sanitary chopsticks

one day in 2004, old man cheng Dechun had a sudden inspiration when he made a golden cudgel for his grandson with waste newspapers. Can he roll waste paper into chopsticks

after that, old man cheng Dechun tasted it, which was beneficial for users to master the skills of using the instrument in time. He tried using waste newspapers as chopsticks, but it was either too soft or uneven in length and thickness. After many experiments, the old man finally found the trick. Paper must be more than 50 grams (grams are the index of paper weight. The higher the weight, the better the paper. The thickness of offset paper corresponding to 50 grams is 0.63 mm). Below this standard, the hardness of chopsticks cannot be guaranteed

the old man applied for a patent from the State Intellectual Property Office last year. At present, he is waiting for the confirmation of the patent

in addition, the old man also used the radio antenna to make retractable chopsticks, the shortest of which is only 7 cm

Cheng Dechun went to Beijing at his own expense last November to participate in the China energy conservation and emission reduction forum. At the forum, he also issued a call for "protecting limited forest resources as soon as possible", introducing the benefits of environmental friendly chopsticks to everyone, hoping to eliminate the use of disposable wooden chopsticks as soon as possible, so that everyone can protect China's limited forest resources by using environmental friendly chopsticks

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