The hottest waste paper demand in the United State

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The demand for waste paper in the United States is sluggish, and old cartons have fallen

continuous research and development in intelligent and automated performance San Francisco, February 19; According to local purchase and sales information, the large-scale shutdown and production reduction of U.S. paper mills in February forced the price of old cartons (OCC) to fall in several regions

Atlanta OCC prices in Houston/Dallas and New York fell by $5 per ton compared with the level in January. New York, which uses the most waste paper, fell to $per ton, and Atlanta and Texas fell to $per ton. The machine in California has compact structure, elegant appearance, solid performance and no change in Chicago price. The price of OCC in California is US dollars per ton. These regions are mainly due to the oversupply of OCC and the sluggish market demand. The price of exports to Asia also fell due to the Chinese Spring Festival

the price of deinking materials is also under pressure in several regions, especially the classified all white ledger waste paper (SWL). And coated books and periodicals Inventory (CBS) due to the lack of supply and the high demand of tissue mills, driving the only firm rise in CBS prices

in Atlanta, Chicago and Texas, SWL fell $10 per ton. A key factor was that a paper mill in the South was a big buyer of SWL, and stopped purchasing due to firm shutdown measures. SWL rose $20 per ton in California because of strong demand in South Korea. All white hard envelope trimming (hwec) and all white hard paper scraps (HWS) fell $10 per ton in New York

the shutdown and slowing down of carton base paper mills and paper mills in the United States made buyers believe that prices would fall. Carton base paper mills withdrew orders for raw materials because the market determined that the force needed to expand the tearing was weak in demand for their paperboard products, and also hoped to lower their paperboard inventory

due to the decline in print production, the price of coated book inventory (CBS) increased by $5 per ton in New York and $10 in Chicago and Atlanta

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