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There are signs of recovery in the price of waste paper in New York

the old corrugated paper in New York, but this unit adopts the alumina box (OCC) imported from abroad. The price showed a year-on-year increase of 12.54% in August, showing the first ray of dawn

the price of OCC packed and delivered to the door increased by an average of $5/ton

since this year, the best time for waste paper recyclers is when they have small profits, and even when they are poor, they are losing money. A regional packer said, "we have been bleeding for 8 months."

the sharp reduction of overseas freight has increased the export price per ton by $10 compared with July. Due to the small amount of production and recycling, this may lead to insufficient supply of waste paper. The packer said, "I have a feeling that it is not impossible for the price to rise by $5 per ton. The pulley can move left and right on the rack."

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