The hottest waste paper market in the United State

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The U.S. waste paper market stabilized

this month, the average price of the U.S. waste paper market slowed down for the first time in nine months. Both buyers and sellers said that the flat price in July and June did not mark a reversal in the market price. The price of waste paper in the United States has not increased for 14 consecutive months

both the buyer and the seller believe that in view of the weak demand of carton board factories and the reduction of the output of cardboard factories, printers and processors, the price of waste paper will not rise comprehensively during the year

American factories continue to shut down and reduce production on a large scale for all grades of paper products, and continue to reduce the warehouse. Some factories even have to purchase at a price higher than the current month's market spot price when production is in urgent need because of excessive inventory reduction. Of course, these transactions do not represent the market situation, but only that a few paper mills count and ship in time in an environment of excess total supply and price pressure. Generally speaking, the inventory of some paper and cardboard factories is still high, and the demand for waste paper is also decreasing

according to the statistics of the American forest and Paper Association (af&pa), the output of paper and paperboard in the United States decreased by 2.8 million tons (7.1%) compared with last year. It is said that in the first five months of this year, the only increase in production was household paper, which increased by 3.5% to about 100000 tons. Household paper manufacturers are often large users of coated printing and writing paper and various office papers. In July, the average price of American office paper and coated printing and writing paper per ton for these reasons increased by US $1 and US $2.5 respectively

with the restart of the recycling carton machine with an annual output of 324000 tons in the California factory of inland paperboard and packaging company, it is expected that the demand for OCC will increase slightly. The paper machine stopped production for about six weeks and resumed production on July 13

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