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Application of Yingtai PDM technology in Xiamen Jinlong automobile industry United Company

Xiamen Jinlong automobile industry United Company (hereinafter referred to as Jinlong automobile) is an automobile manufacturing enterprise that earlier adopted the "order driven production" mode in China. The company has ranked first in the passenger car industry for three consecutive years, with sales of 4billion yuan in 2002

in the past, the product design of Jinlong automobile was divided according to the traditional professional functions, including: Overall, body, chassis, engine, air conditioning, electrical appliances, etc. the whole process of design, process, procurement, manufacturing, assembly, debugging, etc. was a serial mode. Product R & D personnel belong to independent functional departments, and all departments start from their own interests, which makes the integration of information flow blocked, there are many obstacles in the workflow, the downstream can't timely and accurately feed back the change information, while the upstream can't control the downstream changes, and there are errors and wrangling with each other

in addition, a large number of drawings, change orders, process documents and various data reports are transmitted between these departments every day. The cumbersome approval process and the transmission method of paper media make the design work encounter great difficulties in management, progress and quality, and the safety problem of data is becoming more and more serious. Therefore, Jinlong automobile urgently needs PDM to build a platform for information exchange for enterprises and provide powerful workflow management functions that can be printed directly

pdm basic management

intime has formulated and implemented a PDM scheme for Xiamen Jinlong automobile industry union lithium battery copper foil with higher requirements for performance, accuracy and uniformity. The scheme includes two parts. The first part uses intime PDM products (tipdm) for basic management, mainly including:

basic data management to solve the management problems of heterogeneous data in enterprises. Among them, electronic database management provides the functions of storing, retrieving and managing heterogeneous data of enterprises. Data access is completely transparent to users. The security mechanism of electronic database enables administrators to define different roles and give these roles different data access permissions and ranges, which truly realizes the centralized management and controlled use of data

product structure and configuration management is one of the core functions of tipdm. This function can be used to effectively manage the structure and configuration information of serialized products. In PDM system, parts are organized according to the assembly relationship. Users can associate the definition data of various products with parts, and finally form a complete description of the product structure. In order to meet the personalized needs of the car, the options to be selected and replaceable parts are defined by the designer in the PDM system in advance. The relevant departments can quickly generate the Customer Order BOM according to the sales order through the PDM system configuration function, and transfer it to the production management system for production organization, thereby reducing the time for data preparation and the preparation time of related materials

basic workflow management this function controls the approval of basic electronic data, such as various design drawings, design description documents, technical change orders, contract review, comprehensive information feedback, etc. The workflow function provided by the system allows users to freely design their own workflow model. Various basic electronic data can automatically flow to the set nodes according to the workflow designed by users, and continue to flow after completing automatic judgment according to the response of each node

The second part of the

personalized adjustment

scheme is to design an information system that can be suitable for Jinlong automobile's comprehensive information exchange platform and facilitate communication and cooperation between departments on the basis of the original workflow. In order to respond to the market in a timely manner, the key technologies of Jinlong automobile such as design variable servo valve, actuator, controller and so on need further breakthroughs. Here, take the integrated business process of design change, change information notification, drawing distribution and distribution monitoring as an example. The process of PDM system is: prepare change order - determine change information - production department arranges production - notify change information and issue drawings according to departments (the actual business process is shown in Figure 1)

after the implementation of Jinlong automobile PDM Project, remarkable results have been achieved, especially the workflow management function, which makes the Department business clear and brings great convenience to the work; Paper documents will no longer be issued for new models, and electronic data will guide production. Yingtai company has also explored a set of "order driven production" enterprise PDM solutions and implementation methods by continuously deepening the implementation of PDM in Jinlong automobile

comment: intime PDM - parts as the core

highlights: intime PDM follows the product structure management idea with parts as the core. Users can associate the definition data of various products with parts, and finally form a complete description of the product structure. In order to meet the personalized needs of the car, the options to be selected and replaceable parts are defined by the designer in the PDM system in advance. The relevant departments can quickly generate customer orders according to the sales orders through the PDM configuration function. The company said that under the trend that the market is accumulating towards the brand and scope of industry leaders, the BOM will reduce the data preparation time and the preparation time of related materials, A set of PDM solutions and implementation methods for "order driven production" enterprises are explored

intime PDM supports object-oriented modeling, complex classification and coding of enterprises, management of new product design process, change process and design distribution process, and can adapt to complex multi branch workflow and collaboration. Flexible report customization and graphical workflow template definition meet the business needs of enterprises to a great extent

deficiency: tipdm3.8 needs further improvement on the version model

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