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Yingchuang was invited to participate in the simultaneous Summit Forum of the United Nations General Assembly to jointly deal with global plastic pollution

on September 18, us time, the 73rd United Nations General Assembly opened at the United Nations headquarters in New York, and a general debate will be held from September 25 to October 1. Heads of state, dignitaries and relevant representatives from many countries will arrive in New York to participate in the meeting. On September 25, the Summit Forum on "striving for the top and jointly dealing with plastic pollution", jointly hosted by the European Commission and the United Nations Environment Programme, was held at the same time in the third conference room of the United Nations headquarters to communicate and exchange on the commitments of governments to reduce plastic pollution and further deepen the building of a circular economy

due to its outstanding performance in the field of renewable resource recycling, and the groundbreaking creation of a full chain value-added mode of waste recycling, regeneration and commodities, it is mainly used for the testing of mechanical performance indicators such as tension, contraction, zigzag, shear, peel and tear of various metals, non-metallic and composite materials, Ms. liuxuesong, executive deputy general manager of Beijing Yingchuang renewable resources Recycling Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Yingchuang"), was invited as a representative of Chinese enterprises. Together with Mr. GERD chrzanowski, CEO of Schwartz group in Germany, and Mr. Jean Louis chaussade, CEO of Suez environment group, as representatives of the only three global enterprises, she shared their environmental protection ideas and innovative measures from a commercial perspective

plastic pollution has topped the global environmental agenda in 2018. In order to cope with the large growth of plastic waste in the ocean, countries have taken plastic ban actions one after another. Even so, at present, the global government led initiatives to solve the problem of improper management of plastic are still few. In order to further promote governments' actions to strengthen plastic management, the European Commission and the United Nations Environment Programme encourage more government agencies to commit to reducing plastic pollution, explore new ways to redesign production and consumption habits, and then help the plastic system to be more recycled, including reducing unnecessary plastic use, promoting the recyclable proportion of plastic products, and developing effective waste management solutions

the summit forum was presided over by Ms. Susan Goldberg, editor in chief of National Geographic magazine. Mr. Frans Timmerman, President of the European Commission, and Mr. Solheim, director of the United Nations Environment, delivered opening speeches respectively. Sylvia earl, a famous American oceanographer, delivered a keynote speech. The prime ministers, environment ministers and foreign ministers of Aruba, Norway, Rwanda, Canada and other countries delivered speeches respectively to share their practices in plastic disposal and their expectations for the future

in her speech, Ms. liuxuesong reviewed Yingchuang's experience of insufficient raw materials in the process of recycling and reusing beverage bottles in China, She said, "in the face of the dilemma of beverage bottle recycling and disposal, Yingchuang has independently developed and produced intelligent recycling machines and developed an Internet monitoring platform. We have established a joint venture with Norway's tomra group, the world's largest manufacturer of intelligent recycling machines and tools, and are actively integrating the deposit system (a form of producer extension system) that works well in more than 40 countries around the world Introduce China and establish a sustainable circular economy model of safely recycling and reusing waste plastic packaging through intelligent machines and tools. "

with the strong support of the government, Yingchuang installed about 5000 intelligent recycling machines in Beijing, which attracted more than 2 million users to participate in bottle throwing in two years, and safely recycled more than 55 million waste beverage bottles. Due to the reliable measures in the recycling of beverage bottles, Yingchuang has become the only designated recycling unit for waste beverage bottles in the venues of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games; During the 2018 World Cup in Russia, Yingchuang intelligent recycling machine was stationed in 33 venues, with an average of 60000 beverage bottles recycled per day. The beverage bottles consumed in the venues were safely and effectively recycled

as a mother, Liu Xuesong also shared his and his team's original intention to stick to the industry: "The earth is not inherited from our ancestors, but borrowed from future generations. We love our children, and we should not only give them the best material and education, but also leave them a beautiful earth and a sustainable environment. For this good life), my team and I created the bottomloop brand, which will be regenerated by the recycled beverage bottles that need to make a compromise in terms of production efficiency through the intelligent reprocessing industry Brand new products, so as to connect more people who pay attention to environmental protection and love the earth with practical actions. "

bottomloop safely recycles waste beverage bottles with Yingchuang's intelligent recycling machine, and as raw materials, it produces fashionable and environmentally friendly recycled goods through 12 complex processes, including sorting, packaging, transportation, cleaning, crushing, melting, granulation, testing, wiredrawing, spinning, weaving, design, etc. Bottomloop hopes to attract more people's attention to the environment and waste, and take active actions - invite everyone to save resources in daily life, reduce the production of plastic waste, and jointly abide by the cycle of relatively less life-saving ncm811/nca enterprises in China

as an overall solution provider for recycling renewable resources, Yingchuang has been trying to reduce the impact of waste plastics on the environment. In 2012, Yingchuang successfully developed the first IOT intelligent recycling machine in China, and built an intelligent management platform with controllable sources and flows of recycled materials. At the same time, as the only enterprise in China that can produce food grade recycled polyester chips, Yingchuang has been certified by the Ministry of health and the quality inspection bureau of the people's Republic of China, and its production process has reached the international standards of FDA and ILSI. In addition, Yingchuang is also a leading enterprise in the pilot demonstration park of national recycling transformation. It has been committed to designing and building a modern circular economy industrial park, and has rich practical experience in building a diversified cooperative development model, improving industrial effectiveness, and achieving intensive development

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