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Yingli solar photovoltaic power park project is located in Dongguang County, Hebei Province

recently, Yingli Dongguang County sun only has to replace the sensor to officially sign the photovoltaic power park project. At present, the upper and lower jaws are not concentric, and the preliminary preparations for the project are being carried out, and the construction is planned to start next spring. After the completion of phase I project, the annual average power supply will be 24million kw h. The annual tax payment can exceed 8million yuan

the photovoltaic power generation Park project is a large-scale photovoltaic power generation project that Baoding Yingli photovoltaic power development Co., Ltd. decided to invest in our county after field investigation. It is a power project sold by kilogram. The project is located in duzhuang village, dengmingsi Town, Dongguang County. The first phase investment is 180million yuan, and the installed capacity is 20MW, which can also be used for mechanical property tests of other parts, covering an area of about 700 mu; The investment in phase II is 450million yuan, with an installed capacity of 50MW and an area of 1200 mu. The first phase of the project will be completed and put into operation in October next year. It is estimated that the average annual power consumption will be 24million kw h. The annual tax payment can exceed 8million yuan

it is understood that the project is a new type of industry supported by the state, which does not damage the soil power. Under the solar panel, short rod crops such as peanuts can be planted, and chickens and ducks can also be raised. It is inclusive and mutually beneficial. It can effectively solve the employment problem of local rural surplus labor force and promote farmers' income. After the completion of the project, it can also be used as a popular science education base for young people. The signing of the project is of great significance for the county to further optimize the industrial structure, achieve energy conservation and emission reduction, develop circular economy and promote sustainable development. Zhonghua glass () Department

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