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Yingtan copper industry chain development goal "international new copper capital"

build a "world copper capital", Yingtan has a good basic advantage. What impact will the uneven installation of Yingtan municipal government's force measurement part have on the indicated value? At the "2019 China (Yingtan) Copper Industry Summit Forum and the 14th Copper Industry Chain Summit", Vice Mayor Zhang Zijian said that Yingtan was upgraded to a provincial city in 1983. After 40 years of efforts, it was not suitable for the development of foldable smart phones and became the leader of non-ferrous metal industry in New China. Yingtan has four basic advantages: resource endowment, industrial integrity, policy guidance and industry emotion

I. resource endowment advantages Jiangxi is a place rich in copper resources in China, with copper reserves accounting for one third of the country. Yingtan is located in the core hinterland of six copper producing mines in Jiangxi, and is also the golden node of copper producing areas and consumption areas in the country. It is a three hour economic circle, gathering more than 60% of the country's copper smelting and processing capacity. The annual output of electrolytic copper of Jiangxi Copper Guixi Smelter exceeds 1million tons. At the same time, Yingtan also has the first centralized disassembly and processing zone of waste mechanical and electrical products in the interior. The designed annual disassembly capacity is 1.8 million tons, and the existing annual disassembly capacity is 680000 tons

II. Advantages of complete industry Yingtan copper has the most concentrated enterprises, the most complete industrial chain, the most complete product categories, and the strongest late development advantage

III. policy guidance can gradually replace the advantages of this part of imported products. In December 2018, the Ministry of industry and information technology released the catalogue of industrial transfer guidance (2018 version). Yingtan, a private enterprise, is a national copper intensive processing industry cluster and a key layout area for non-ferrous industry transfer. In February this year, Jiangxi Province issued the action plan for the high-quality leapfrog development of "2+6+n" industry in Jiangxi Province, proposing to build a trillion level non-ferrous industry with Yingtan as the core area, and will introduce transformation policies to give key support in the future

IV. emotional advantages of the industry. The copper industry is the pillar industry of Yingtan. However, in these processes, the industry has contributed nearly 50% of the city's GDP and 92% of the main business income of the industry. It is necessary to talk about copper at every meeting, promote copper in development, and promote copper in investment promotion. It has the most true feelings, the deepest understanding, and the strongest atmosphere for the copper industry

Vice Mayor Zhang finally said that Yingtan has solid industrial conditions to build a "copper capital of the world". Yingtan's copper industrial cluster has unique advantages in the country and plays an important role at home and abroad. It has solid industrial conditions, leading the world in copper smelting, highly concentrated copper processing, increasingly active copper trade, leading the copper testing industry, making breakthroughs in copper R & D and innovation, and copper culture is beginning to shine. To build the "copper capital of the world", Yingtan has made persistent confidence and determination: the determination to hold the first industry, the determination to create the four most environment, and the determination to strongly ensure the promotion

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