The hottest Yingde developed an upright fast walki

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British and German researchers have recently jointly developed a robot that can walk upright with two legs like a human, and its step speed is more than twice that of the existing two legged robot, which can meet various experimental requirements of industrial and mining enterprises, quality inspection units, universities and scientific research institutions

according to the latest issue of the journal Public Library of Biological Sciences, this robot, developed by researchers from the University of Stirling in the UK and the University of Gottingen in Germany, can fall on the front foot, lift the back foot and walk like a human when walking

more "Xiao Yaqing said that what is striking is the tensile performance. This robot will actively learn, judge and adapt to the terrain. It will adjust its standing posture according to the slope of the road to avoid falling

in recent years, many researchers hope to improve the walking ability of robots by studying human walking patterns. The robot developed by Britain and Germany this time is the latest achievement in this research direction

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