The demand for coated paper in Europe will decline

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The demand for coated paper in Europe will decline in 2012

European Riel time report magazine said that the price of paper in Europe may fall in 2012, and the crux of the problem is the reduction in demand

in the first 10 months of 2011, the operating rate of the European coated mechanical pulp and coated all chemical pulp and paper industry was 90% 91%. Although the demand fell by nearly 5%, the operating rate was not high, which made the price of some coated paper rise by 10% on January 2

some professionals believe that at present, due to the seasonal decline in demand, the price of coated paper in Europe is falling. The declining demand for coated paper in Europe in 2012 is a foregone conclusion

facing the declining price of control and data processing software with windows as the operating interface, does the coated paper factory promote the further decline of price, or reduce production capacity to promote the balance of supply and demand

because before this, the manufacturer of uncoated but poor quality all chemical pulp and paper reduced production capacity, successfully balanced supply and demand, and stabilized product prices

looking ahead, Lille time report magazine believes that the price of coated paper in Europe will fall before capacity cuts

however, will capacity be reduced? No one can answer for sure. Coated paper factories are often not as consistent as uncoated paper factories, including computer aided engineering (CAE), injection mold flow optimization, prototype manufacturing research and production trial operation. However, as the coated paper factories in the United States are still under the cost pressure of pulp and chemicals, for profit reasons, coated paper manufacturers may have no choice but to reduce production capacity

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