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The demand for carbon fiber in the Chinese market is growing at a rate of 30% per year

1 the world's demand for carbon fiber will increase at a rate of about 13% per year

the global demand for PAN based carbon fiber will reach 40000 tons in 2010, more than 75000 tons by 2014, and is expected to reach 110000 tons by 2018

Chart 1 from 2008 to 2018, the world's demand for carbon fiber increased rapidly

2 China's market potential is huge, and the demand for carbon fiber increased by 30% per year

in 2010, China's carbon fiber charging device gap is huge, and the advantage of composite materials is obviously expected to reach about 10000 tons. However, at present, the domestic carbon control of the experimental process is realized through the automatic control of single chip microcomputer. There are 23 fiber production enterprises, with a total capacity of 4000 tons/year, The scale is below 1000 tons, the cost is high, and the market development potential is huge. The large-scale carbon fiber projects under construction or planned to be constructed include Bluestar carbon fiber project, CNPC Jihua carbon fiber project and Sinosteel Jitan Jiangcheng carbon fiber project when the test piece contacts the upper pressing plate

there is a huge demand for carbon fiber in the field of wind energy. Carbon fiber is an excellent material for manufacturing wind turbine blades. In the manufacturing of blades within 20 meters, glass fiber can be used for blades, while in high-power wind turbines with blades greater than 20 meters, carbon fiber has become the only material choice because of its high strength and high toughness

in 2010, China increased the installed capacity of wind power by 16million kW; By the end of 2010, China's total installed wind power had reached 41.827 million KW, surpassing the United States for the first time and ranking first in the world. With the rapid development of wind power generation, carbon fiber should increase the fastest in the field of wind power. By the end of the 12th Five Year Plan, China's power market should have the capacity to accommodate about 90million to 100million kW of wind power. After 2015, China's wind power market will still maintain a rapid growth rate. This guarantees the demand for carbon fiber

not only improves the quality of ovens

Figure 2 the consumption of carbon fiber in the world's wind energy sector will reach 35000 tons in 2018

in addition to wind power systems, the skeleton for wires and cables is also the main practical direction of carbon fiber industrialization in the later stage

3 precursor supply is the biggest bottleneck restricting the development of the industry.

carbon fiber precursor accounts for more than 60% of the production cost. At present, China's precursor technology is weak. Only a few companies led by Qifeng chemical fiber can mass produce T300 grade precursor, and the rest rely on imports. While T300 grade precursor is blocked abroad and only carbon fiber products with higher added value are sold. Therefore, at present, only T300 carbon fiber has been localized, and higher grades are completely dependent on imports

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